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Garden tables

To better enjoy our green space, we can also equip it with a table, a fundamental point of support for the gardener's work, but also a focal point for friends' evenings; we try to choose this piece of furniture wisely, so that we can make the most of it, and so that we can use it for our needs.

How to choose?

In choosing a garden table we first of all try to evaluate what our needs are and our possibilities; first of all we consider the space we have available, in order to choose a large table if we can enjoy a large garden, so we can invite our friends to a nice dinner in the nature. Conversely, if we have a very limited outdoor space, we look for a solution that is small, or more versatile: there are folding or extendable tables on the market, so we can expand our base when we need more space, or even fold the table when we no longer need it.

The materials

Also the material is important in choosing a garden table; first of all for a question of price, surely a teak table is more expensive than many of the plastic products available on the market. We also remember that the various materials need very different care, so we also consider the maintenance of our table and the time we intend, or can dedicate to it, before buying it.
Furthermore it is important that the furnishing complements fit well into our garden, and therefore do not conflict with the style of the garden itself or of the house.
As a rule we can find wooden furniture on the market, in this case we consider that it is about average expensive items; if we decide for a wooden table it is advisable to choose it with a good material, impregnated and guaranteed against the weather; however, we remind you that periodically we will have to repeat the painting or the oiling of the table, to prevent it from deteriorating over time.
We can also choose a wrought iron table, another noble material, widely used also in the gardens of the past; it is a robust material, which withstands the passing of the years without great problems; also in this case we remind you that over time we will have to provide for periodic maintenance; so even wrought iron tables must be repainted or otherwise treated against cold, heat and water, to prevent them from being ruined.
Among the most economical products we can find plastic tables; in this case, maintenance only requires periodic cleaning, even if in fact the plastic, although resistant to light, tends to scratch and ruin more easily over the years. We also remind you that if it is necessary to put away the table it is certainly very easy to move, disassemble and fold a plastic table.

Garden furniture: Garden tables

Don't you have any idea of ​​the type of garden tables on which to bet? There are many product families at your disposal, each with unique characteristics, able to satisfy the most diverse needs among them.
In our site, more specifically, you will have the chance to discover all the secrets that hide behind wooden tables, without forgetting plastic and iron ones. Identifying, within each family, those most suited to the style chosen for furnishing your garden, would be almost impossible independently. From today, however, juggling in a similar context will be much easier. Start your training right away.