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Question: back again

good morning, in mid-April I bought a beautiful plant of retent from being put in my loggia, it is sheltered by a glass window because it stands at an altitude of about 600 meters, a beautiful large vase with suitable earth. In these 2 days I realized that the leaves are a bit dry, but the plant still looks viable and has some sprays. I don't have much sun, only 3 hours in the morning, they told me that it is very resistant. Do you think it could be just repotting stress? Thank you so much. Micaela

Answer: back again

Dear Micaela,
the rincospermo (trachelospermum jasminoides) is an evergreen, very rustic, climbing plant that presents few problems of cultivation; in general it does not suffer from frost, and perhaps it could also live in the ground even where you live, especially if placed against a wall of the house, which provides the right winter shelter. Generally it is a vigorous and resistant plant, which loses its leaves in small quantities during the year, especially in times of stress; it often happens that, in case of any vegetative stress (repotting, excess or lack of fertilizer, lack or excess of water) the first answer of the ricosperno consists in the browning of some sporadic leaves, which after a few days fall off; this event is quite frequent, throughout the year, and is generally interrupted at the very moment in which the causes that had generated it are interrupted. It could very well be that the few dark leaves are due to repotting, especially if the plant shows good vigor and is quietly germinating, as if nothing had happened; if instead the phenomenon continues, and becomes more widespread, then perhaps it is a question of other reasons, such as the excesses or shortages of watering and fertilizer, or the lack of sunlight. In fact your ricosperno should have no problems in the place where you keep it, even if it receives little light; the lack of lighting, however, could be the cause of not very conspicuous blooms.
Remember that plants grown in pots need a little more care than those placed in the ground, as their root system cannot be enlarged at will, in search of water or mineral salts; then water the pot every time the soil is dry, it is better to water it once less, rather than once too often.
In addition to this, remember that creepers grow above ground, in proportion to how much they grow underground, so if you want a long and vigorous creeper, you will have to provide it with a nice, very large vase.