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Arcon Domus 3D

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Arcon Domus 3D-Home and Garden

Arcon Domus 3D is an interior and garden design program, easy to use, intuitive and fast; designing the garden with care and being able to "see" what plants and furnishings are most suitable for the space we have available has never been so easy.
Arcon Domus 3D is a program that allows you to design, renovate and virtually decorate your home, all in three dimensions and with very high quality graphics.
We have had the chance to try for you also the new version of this program, 3D Flora, dedicated to the Garden: a rich library of three-dimensional objects, including hundreds of trees, bushes, flowers, creepers, garden furniture and more, allows you to study carefully the outdoor spaces of the house.
Whatever construction you want to try to insert in the outdoor space is easily positionable: just choose it from the library of objects and drag it with the mouse in the design of the courtyard, the terrace or the garden. In the tests we were able to place even furniture details, and we tried to build porches and canopies. We had fun trying the most risky combinations of trees and bushes (from acacia to rhododendron, from palm to maple, from plane tree to agave) and to insert decoration elements and accessories of the most disparate (from ornamental stones to column lamps , from tool sheds to terracotta vases).
In a few minutes it is possible to experiment and try the objects already ready for use, the materials available and the various furnishing styles. If desired, it is also possible to acquire our photos to personalize flooring, furniture and backgrounds. The program allows you to drag the over 1700 objects of furniture from the library directly into your project, furnish it and move virtually inside it, simply by moving the mouse.
It is also possible to prepare a real video of our project, which we will be able to show to family and friends with the home video recorder.