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Garden chairs

The choice of furniture to be used in the garden must always be made with great care: on the one hand we consider that the materials of which they are composed are very different in duration, let us also remember to evaluate which gives the use we want to make of such furniture.
Not all materials resist similarly to bad weather, but it is also true that in many cases the chairs we place in the garden can be stored in the house or in the cellar, and therefore will not be exposed to cold and weather for many months.


As far as chairs are concerned, certainly the most robust and durable ones are produced using solid and robust materials, such as wood and metal; having said that we can find steel or wrought iron chairs, or wooden products of excellent quality but also of poorer material; at the time of purchase we ask the merchant to indicate us the material with which our chairs have been built, also asking for indications on periodic care for a good maintenance, and also on the duration of frost and sunlight.
Plastic chairs are certainly the cheapest products; it is possible in any case to find very durable and robust plastic chairs; the choice of this material can also be dictated by the greater manageability offered by the plastic chairs, which are certainly very light and compact.
If we have little space, or we wish to store the chairs in the cellar or in a storage room at the end of the season, we consider the possibility of buying folding chairs, so that they can be compacted quickly. In this way we will also be able to save some extra chairs for unexpected guests or for summer parties in the garden.


Surely a garden furniture must be weatherproof and durable; by paying due care we can try to keep our furniture beautiful over time. So let's remember to clean the garden chairs periodically, removing water and dust spots. In particular we avoid leaving the chairs for too long stacked or folded; especially at the end and at the beginning of the season, we practice a thorough cleaning, using delicate detergents suited to the material with which our chairs are made.
Furniture and garden chairs in a more delicate material, such as straw or wicker, are not always suitable for being exposed to the elements; so let's place them outdoors only during the summer, possibly under an umbrella or a gazebo.
On the market we can also find chairs in sturdy fabric, which offers us the possibility of removing this fabric and washing it separately, often even in the washing machine; or even to replace worn, stained or ruined fabric.

Garden furniture: Garden chairs

Underestimating a moment concerning the decor of your green corner, like the one that affects the choices of garden chairs, risks being an unforgivable mistake. Thanks to the development of e-commerce platforms, you can finally get some information regarding, for example, the most suitable prices for each type of chair.
This is precisely the element to take into greater consideration when having to opt for a similar product: the types of chairs are different and choosing the one most suited to the style chosen is certainly not simple. Needless to say, plastic chairs cannot be associated with wooden tables. In short, aesthetic coherence, in this case, prevails over functionality.