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Garden pools

Symbol of luxury and fun, in recent years the installation of garden pools is becoming an increasingly simple and also less expensive operation; the use of new plastic materials is spreading, allowing the pools to be installed very quickly, so that they can be stored during the cold season; moreover, the new technologies make it possible to build swimming pools with modular concrete panels, or with new-concept materials, which drastically reduce installation costs.


In fact, the pool is still not a good for everyone today, mainly because it is necessary to have the necessary space, which is hardly present in small city apartments; in any case, the new garden pools can now be installed even temporarily, and also near the home or other buildings, in order to contain the space requirements. We remember however the need to contact professionals to set up the pool, both in terms of the structure and to prepare the connection to the water supply.
Furthermore, to maintain the pool over time it is necessary to remember to periodically carry out routine maintenance, which involves cleaning with dedicated products both from the pool itself and from the water it contains.

Concrete garden pools

The dream of a lifetime: a large garden, cheered up by the gushing water of a large blue pool; in fact a dream, but not so impossible, given the new technologies and the spread of swimming pools, which has certainly lowered the prices, even for the installation.
Surely you still need a garden of adequate size.

Reinforced concrete pools

Reinforced concrete garden pools are the most versatile and durable; they can be prepared in any shape and size, even with a very irregular shape.
The tank is formed directly in the excavation, of which it takes the shapes and dimensions; then the cement is covered with the chosen covering, which can be simple, like a simple layer of PVC, or more decorative, like colored tiles, even mosaic.
This type of pool enhances the home and garden, and has the advantage of being very long lasting over the years, practicing the due daily and periodic maintenance.
To install concrete garden pools, it is necessary to contact professionals who are able to carry out the excavation, place the reinforced concrete tank, position the covering and prepare the connections to the water supply and the recirculation system and filtering.