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Wooden garden gazebo

Wooden garden gazebo

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THE wooden garden gazebo they are produced using pine or fir wood; the structures placed in the open air need to be treated with special impregnated products before they can be used, so that they can last over time without suffering damage due to sunlight, temperature changes and bad weather; we therefore recommend using high quality material, and periodically applying a painting or impregnation treatment, so as to prolong the life of our gazebo.In general, gazebos are sold in kits, made up of pre-cut timber and anchoring elements, to fix the individual components together and possibly to fix the gazebo to the ground, so that the position is more solid and safe. If desired, it is also possible to build a gazebo by purchasing only raw or pre-treated wood, in this case we will have fewer problems with regards to size, being able to build it to fit our green space, even if the products supplied in assembly kits are generally made. much simpler and safer.The material that makes up the gazebo cover is also of minor importance, as it can be cotton fabric, waxed or plasticized, or even plastic film material.For all the parts that make up the gazebo, periodic maintenance is of fundamental importance, as far as the covering is concerned it is often advisable to remove it during the cold months, to prevent it from being damaged due to winter and cold weather.Gazebo models

There are now gazebos of all shapes and sizes, the most "classic" are square, with a four-pitched roof; it is possible, however, to find rectangular, round, hexagonal or octagonal gazebos, all of varying sizes, to model the dimensions of the area we want to cover.
Inside the structure of the gazebo it is possible to place planters of various shapes, often placed at the corners, but also trellises that delimit the interior space, also useful for supporting creepers, which will further shade the space inside the gazebo.