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If the summer heat does not give us respite, a beautiful large umbrella will allow us to enjoy the best of our green corner; the large shade umbrellas, designed specifically for the garden, are suitable for those with a large plot, but also for those who simply want to shade the terrace or a small garden. Very useful especially if we have placed a table or sofas in the open air, they allow us to be outdoors during hot summer days, but also in light rain.


Garden umbrellas are produced in various materials; there are steel, wrought iron or wooden ones; the choice of the type of material depends above all on our tastes, bearing in mind that a material of good quality is very durable over time, whether it is metal or wood. Surely the price of a product of this type can be quite indicative of the quality of the material with which it was built.
It is also important to consider the material that constitutes the umbrella canvas: it is a fabric that will be exposed to sun, rain and cold.
So it is important that the fabric is sturdy and durable. Garden umbrellas are made with covers in natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton, sometimes treated with waxes or plastic paints, which make them sturdy and waterproof; these umbrellas are also made with plastic covers.
We consider this element at the time of purchase, since it is not very easy to replace the fabric that constitutes the umbrella, so the more the material is robust and durable and the longer we can use our garden umbrella.
Some companies also present replacement sheets in the catalog, we take this important feature into account at the time of purchase.

Garden umbrellas: garden furniture: Umbrellas in the garden

The warm weather arrives, the sun begins to warm up your afternoons and of course you feel the desire to spend more time in your garden.
Today, the garden represents the green corner that is often not found in the cities and therefore is also the space in which we place our desire to relax, our desires of nature.
What could be better then to enjoy all the coolness of your garden even when there is a lot of sun?
For this function the outdoor umbrellas were born, and with them the sale of umbrellas. These are the cousins ​​of the most famous lifeguard umbrellas that we commonly find on the beaches.
Outdoor umbrellas create a shaded area in your garden only when needed.
They can easily be closed again if necessary.