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Children and grandchildren are not easy to restrain on a beautiful sunny day, as soon as they can escape outdoors, to enjoy the light, the fresh air and their garden games; to entertain them in safety it is useful to provide the garden space with garden games, specially designed to entertain the little ones in safety and to last over the years. In addition to the more classic games, such as swings and slides, for our puppies there are fairy houses, Indian tents, enchanted castles, to stimulate their imagination; we can also prepare a corner entirely dedicated to them, with custom-made tables and chairs.

The choice of materials

It is not trivial to choose the material that makes up the games in our garden; a special attention especially to the safety of children: therefore non-toxic materials, painted with paints without harmful solvents, which do not fall apart, which do not break easily.
Plastic materials are often among the most used, as they are very versatile, with bright colors and easy maintenance; in addition to the plastic used for children's games, it is the impregnated wood, which has replaced most of the metal installations in playgrounds, which is now used almost exclusively for slides and support bars.

Preparation of the play area

If we intend to prepare an entire area of ​​the garden, to devote completely to the games of children we remember some small practical rules; first of all we place the games in a "soft" area of ​​the garden, or possibly on the grass, so that children, for example coming down from the slide, do not fall on paved or paved streets. If we do not have a turf it is possible to place the toys on special carpets made of rubber material, resistant to the weather; or we can make the play area more comfortable by placing fine sand on the ground.
Then remember to fix the garden toys to the ground, so that they cannot accidentally fall to the ground, dragging some unfortunate with them; we also remember to periodically check the games installed in our garden, in order to clean the most delicate surfaces and repair any wood chips or paint cracks, to prevent the games from getting ruined quickly, but also to prevent small incidents.

Garden games: garden games

What we offer you starting today is a great opportunity to start choosing in absolute awareness the best garden games for your green corner. Our assumption, in fact, is that this space, in addition to guaranteeing moments of relaxation, must be able to "entertain" involving both adults and children.
That's why we will let you discover more details about the swings and slides, making you identify the alternative that best fits your case. Furthermore, we will also take a look at outdoor games that we could define as "more modern" by impact, focusing on products such as table tennis tables, without forgetting the universe of mini-golf.