Dill water for children: how to give the remedy and are there any contraindications? Practical advice for moms

 Dill water for children: how to give the remedy and are there any contraindications? Practical advice for moms

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According to statistics, children in the first months of life often suffer from severe gas formation. Often, gas in the baby's stomach is the cause of sleepless nights in parents. Adults are ready to use any means to relieve the baby of abdominal pain.

In pharmacies, you can buy various drugs and teas for gas in the stomach, but one of the proven and safe ways is dill water. You can prepare it yourself or buy it at the pharmacy. It is prepared from the seeds of pharmaceutical dill under sterile conditions.

At what age can you give water?

On the recommendation of doctors, dill water can be given to babies in the first days of life... To better assimilate the mother's milk. Moreover, babies on mixed or artificial feeding need such help.

Self-brewed fennel

Not all parents know that in pharmacies, dill water is made from fennel, the so-called “pharmacy dill”. You can cook it yourself.

  1. To do this, take two grams of chopped fennel fruits and pour a glass of hot boiled water.
  2. After 30 minutes, strain through cheesecloth. The dill water is ready.
  3. Further, it only needs to be mixed one teaspoon at a time into the ready-made formula for feeding or expressed breast milk.

Purchased remedy

It is not difficult to find ready-made dill water on sale.... And also the analogue of dill water is "Plantex". It is made from fennel fruit extracts and sold dry in sachets. This significantly increases the shelf life of the product. When can I give this analogue to a baby to drink?

Like dill water, "Plantex" can be given to an infant from two weeks of age. From the moment when intestinal colic begins.

What does it help from?

Why do mothers give such water to their babies? Dill water made from fennel is very useful for children... It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Relieves the baby from bloating and constipation and intestinal colic. And also it has an antispasmodic effect.

The composition of fennel is varied. It includes:

  • iron;
  • phosphorus;
  • vitamins B and C;
  • nicotinic and folic acid.

What effect does it have on the body?

Preparations based on fennel and dill have many beneficial properties. They are given to newborns and young children in many cases. Dill water has a healing effect on the body:

  • Cleans it from putrefactive formations.
  • Reduces pressure on the intestinal wall.
  • An excellent diuretic.
  • Relieves inflammation.
  • Normalizes the work of the heart.
  • Improves appetite.
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Copes with the elimination of gas in babies.
  • Increases lactation in lactating women.

If you regularly give your baby dill water, he will be relieved of pain, and the digestion process will be improved. As a rule, after taking dill water, gases begin to come out with a loud sound, and the baby falls asleep calmly.

The benefits of a pharmacy product

The medication is sold in pharmacies in dark vials. As part of the purchased product, water and dill oil are combined.

  • This remedy improves the digestion of foods in a child.
  • It also has antimicrobial properties and helps with minor inflammation of the airways.
  • Promotes coughing up mucus.
  • And also pediatricians prescribe dill water in the treatment of flatulence.

Plantex also helps with excessive gas production in babies... The tool is in great demand among parents. The effect of its use is like dill water.

There are practically no differences between the purchased product and the one prepared at home. Any mother can prepare a remedy for her baby on her own. But in pharmacy departments, water is prepared in sterile conditions, and this is important for an infant. And the extract is mixed, not the seed, thanks to this, the shelf life is up to one month.

Can it be harmful?

Dill water is widely used by parents to relieve the condition of the baby. It effectively relieves the baby from increased gas production and intestinal colic.


There are no contraindications to the use of dill water... The drink is hypoallergenic. But you should not abuse it, giving the baby in large quantities.


After the baby has been given the remedy, the parents need to watch him. In some babies, the condition may get worse. But an overdose of dill water is very rare. If the child has become lethargic, capricious and began to refuse food, you need to see a doctor. Fennel can, in rare cases, trigger an allergic attack. You can not give it to the baby if you notice redness or rashes on the skin.

How to apply and how many times is it allowed to drink?

Parents are worried, not knowing how often dill water can be given to the baby so that there is no harm. Colic appears for several months, while the production of enzymes is getting better, and the intestines will function stably.

If you need to prevent evening attacks, the remedy is used between feedings during the day. To relieve colic, two times are enough.


A newly born baby can be given dill water on demand.... But since colic attacks occur mainly in the evening and at night, it is not necessary to give it more than four times a day. For newborns, there are two ways to use dill water:

  • 2-3 teaspoons three to four times a day between feedings. Starting at one half teaspoon.
  • You can dilute the infusion in boiled water and give the child a drink from a bottle during the day. Shake the bottle before each use.

But you always need to start with a small dosage so that the child's reaction can be seen.


Water is given to children for as long as he is worried about colic. or other tummy problems. As a rule, everything is back to normal by 4 months. Colic rarely lasts longer. When the problems go away, you can stop taking dill water. The advantage of the product is that it is not addictive and retains a long-term effect on the body.

The best option for taking water is to drink it 3 times a day, one teaspoonful. Depending on the situation, the dosage can be slightly changed. But after consulting a pediatrician. We wrote in more detail about the use of dill water for newborns in this article.

For older kids

Since the main ingredient in fennel oil is anethole, it can help relieve colic in babies. But this is not the only effect of the water. The composition contains a large amount of carvone, which is excellent for improving digestion. Water can be taken by both adults and children over one year old.... It has many useful properties:

  • Helps with flatulence.
  • In case of colds, it improves the discharge of phlegm.
  • Promotes healing of ulcers and wounds.
  • Eliminates inflammation.
  • Has a diuretic effect.

Features of the use of an analogue

Since "Plantex" is produced in powder form, it must be diluted with water before use. Should not be left for next time.

  1. For children under the age of six months, the drug must be calculated in such a way that the child uses one sachet per day. From 6 months to one year, you should take two sachets per day.
  2. For breastfed babies, the dissolved powder is given from a spoon. And for those who have already been transferred to artificial feeding, the product is diluted in a bottle. You do not need to sweeten with sugar. The tea tastes good and kids drink it with pleasure.
  3. To relieve the baby of colic, dill water should be given not only to him, but also taken to his mother. She needs to drink half a glass of the product three times a day 30 minutes before feeding the baby.

But parents must remember that the digestive system of a newborn baby is quickly exposed to various infections. therefore when preparing dill water for newborns, you should carefully monitor the sterility of the dishes and cleanliness of hands.

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