Is it possible for Achatina, dogs, hamsters, parrots and other pets to have sorrel?

 Is it possible for Achatina, dogs, hamsters, parrots and other pets to have sorrel?

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Sorrel is one of the most common plants in temperate latitudes due to its unpretentiousness.

Many nations of the world add sorrel to their favorite dishes and use it as a remedy for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Sorrel improves liver function, stimulates the digestive system and helps relieve the effects of poisoning. The benefits of sorrel for humans have been proven. However, does sorrel benefit pets?

Should I feed Achatina snails with this plant?

In no case should you give sorrel to the Achatina snails., since sorrel contains a special oxalic acid, which negatively affects the snail's body.

Acid not only blocks the absorption of calcium by snails, but also promotes the elimination of an element from their body, which is one of the most essential components for building bone tissue.

Is it good for dogs?

Dogs can eat greens to help normalize digestion and replenish essential micronutrients.

Dogs can eat sorrel. Especially if the sorrel is grown in your garden and thoroughly washed. Although its energy value is negligible, sorrel will help pets get rid of toxins and toxins.

Do not give your dog too much sorrel as oxalic acid can negatively affect kidney function. Also, dogs should not be allowed to eat dirty grass.

Can turtles be given?

The turtle's diet depends on its species. In general, you can feed the turtles with sorrel, in small quantities it will provide the animal's body with B vitamins.

However, the consumption of sorrel should still be limited, excessive consumption can lead to salt deposition or cause allergies.

Is it allowed for chinchillas?

Greens, including sorrel, are essential for chinchillas due to the high content of trace elements and vitamins.

This food is indispensable in the winter season. But sorrel should only be a supplement to the main food, as in large quantities this herb can disrupt digestion.

Can I feed goats?

Horse sorrel, one of the most common weeds, is dangerous to domestic goats.

Sorrel is not suitable food for goats, as it negatively affects intestinal motility. Sorrel can cause constipation and even stomach stoppage.

Sorrel is especially dangerous if there is a lot of it in the hay, as dangerous grass can cause clogging of the stomach and intestines.

What is good for rabbits?

Sorrel should be an integral part of the diet of rabbits.... Sorrel is a tasty treat for rabbits, and it also strengthens their immunity and improves metabolism.

Rabbits that eat sorrel are more active, agile and resistant to stress. The addition of sorrel to the feed improves its taste. Adult rabbits should be given up to two hundred grams of sorrel daily, and rabbits - up to sixty grams.

Should chickens be eaten?

Sorrel will only benefit domestic chickens. Sorrel has a beneficial effect on the body of chickens due to its high protein and vitamin C content.

In winter, you can replace the main diet of chickens with green herbs by fifteen percent, and in the summer - up to thirty. For chickens, you can add herbal decoction to drinkers.

Do Guinea Pigs Need?

Small rodents should only be given a homemade sorrel variety., horse sorrel is dangerous and poisonous for the body of small pets.

Sorrel is indispensable for guinea pigs due to its high content of vegetable protein, thiamine and fiber. However, it is recommended to give these greens to guinea pigs no more than twice a week. Eating sorrel every day can lead to kidney stones.

Is it allowed for hamsters?

Greens are a healthy source of nutrients for small rodents, however it is highly undesirable to include sorrel in the hamster's diet.

Oxalic acid can build up in small pets and cause bloating and heartburn, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems.

Is it ok to feed parrots?

Parrots willingly eat fresh herbs, but sorrel should be included in their diet only in limited quantities. Parrots often have kidney problems, about which the owner may not even guess. Oxalic acid is cumulative and can negatively affect kidney function.

For pets, sorrel can both benefit and cause irreparable harm. It is important to strictly control the diet of pets, including monitoring the amount of sorrel consumed. In small doses, sorrel is useful for dogs, turtles, chinchillas, rabbits, chickens, small rodents and parrots. The pet should be provided not only with good basic food, but also given fresh herbs to feast on, then the animals will give love to their owner for many years.

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