Where do house ants come from in an apartment or house? How they get started, where they live, how to deal with them

 Where do house ants come from in an apartment or house? How they get started, where they live, how to deal with them

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Human habitation is an inexhaustible source of food for ants, disposing them to warm wintering and reproduction.

Modern house layouts allow insects not only to move unnoticed in search of food, but also to choose the most comfortable one from a variety of apartments.

The topic of today's article is house ants: the reasons for the appearance, how to get rid of small ants in the apartment?

Who will not refuse to be close to a person?

The most common household pests are black, red or yellow ants. They choose warm rooms with high humidity. Gluttonous insects are found in boxes with cereals, behind skirting boards, under a sink or bathtub between tiles that are loose from the wall... There you can also find settlements of small red pest ants.

Interesting! The color and size of the insects change under the influence of food and room temperature. So red ants can turn yellow, and black - brown. As a rule, domestic ants are smaller than wild ones.

Inhabitants of warm latitudes are annoyed by pharaoh ants, who equip their nests in old boxes, under furniture or linoleum... Their main requirement for their habitat is high humidity and temperature.

Domestic ants, photo below:

Small ants in the apartment: reasons for their appearance

From the street, pests penetrate houses in search of heat and food waste, first populating basements, garbage chutes, staircases.

They build nests near a food source. In our articles you can read about the structure of the nest and how an ant queen looks like.

As they breed, colonizers visit apartments, getting inside through the joints of wall panels or ventilation holes. Often ants in the house appear thanks to the owners themselves or their pets on clothes, wool, shoes.

The uninvited guests stay where they can profit and safely disguise the nest. They are very attracted by crumbs rolling under furniture, particles of dry pet food, garbage bags on the floor, boxes with open sweets.

The bathroom is the optimal habitat: it is humid and warm there. Often, food particles left by children are found between the fibers of the rugs. From under a secluded bathtub, unwanted neighbors raid food, partly moving into the kitchen.

Interesting! It is believed that sweet shower gels, fragrances, organic scrubs are very attractive to ants.


Central or stove heating relieves domestic ants from the need to prepare for the coming winter, go deep underground and hibernate.

Some wild ants are also not averse to settling near a year-round source of heat and food during cold weather, for example, in an entrance or in the floor of a wooden house.

At the same time, it is highly likely that the insects will not want to leave the nest they have inhabited during the winter, but will try to expand their indoor habitat.

Hurry to say goodbye to ants

Start a challenging and almost equal pest control as early as possible. We have prepared for you interesting articles about modern ant remedies, as well as old proven methods of destroying pests. Read about what folk methods will help you here.

So, we discussed why ants appear in the apartment, how to deal with them when they are already turned on?

Tips on how to get rid of ants:

Watch the video: How to Get Rid of Ants Fast Naturally - DIY trick (May 2022).


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