4 varieties of chrysanthemums for growing in a greenhouse

4 varieties of chrysanthemums for growing in a greenhouse

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Bright chrysanthemums are one of the most popular garden flowers for their variety of colors and long flowering times.

The plant does well in the open field, but to enjoy their beauty all year round, cultivation in greenhouses is used.

Indian and Korean chrysanthemums grow best in greenhouse conditions.


A late French variety that blooms in November and lasts until January. A plant with thick stems that need support. Gardeners appreciate the flower for its unusual appearance - medium yellow buds with arachnid petals up to 17 cm in diameter.

You can start placing seedlings in a greenhouse already at the end of February or beginning of March.... In regions with a difficult climate, it is better to postpone the planting procedure until April.

Variety "Luyon" blooms for a long time and does not require special conditions for growing.

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The variety belongs to the plants of English selection. It has very spectacular double flowers up to 15 cm in diameter. The color can be varied: from pale pink to bright purple or wine red.

Indoors, large-flowered chrysanthemums are best planted in March or early April if you have purchased potted seedlings. The seeds are usually planted in February.

Needs additional support - the shoots cannot support the weight of large flowers. The rest of the care of the plant consists of the usual rituals.

Princess anna

Flowers with buds up to 14 cm in diameter can be of different shades: cream, white, lilac, pink, golden and yellow... Variety of English selection, has a strong growth, plant height reaches 80 cm.

The cuttings are planted in the greenhouse in the spring, as soon as it is ready for use, a stable positive temperature will appear.

In order to get good flowering in the fall, it is necessary to pay special attention to temperature conditions and lighting - the variety is very picky about these two factors.

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It belongs to the multicolored species of chrysanthemums - many small flowers are located on one bush. The bush "Alyonushka" is quite compact up to 50 cm in height, gives abundant flowering with bright pink buds, which are similar in shape to a chamomile.

The ideal disembarkation time for this species is early March.... The plant loves sunny places and is afraid of waterlogging. With these two features in mind, you will get a lush and long-lasting bloom.

When to plant chrysanthemums in a greenhouse?

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