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Ficus sick

Ficus sick

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Question: what do my suffering ficus have?

My 2 ficus beniamina (which I fertilized in January with ox blood) for about a week have stained leaves that begin to fall, especially at the top; they are plants that are around 6 or 7 years old and it is the first time that this fact happens; is there a remedy? what happened thank you right now, unfortunately I can't insert a picture of the greetings leaves Bianca

Ficus malati: Answer: some conjectures

Gentile Bianca,
since you have been cultivating your ficus for a long time, their behavior is rather strange, since I believe they have been cultivated in the best way; perhaps they have received an excess of fertilizations or waterings, or perhaps they have received cold air, even though in general these cultivation problems manifest themselves with a sudden loss of leaves that appear otherwise healthy.
Having said that, it is not easy to understand what afflicts a plant when there are no photographs or at least a description of the spots on the foliage; perhaps your plants are suffering from some parasite, animal or fungal, which is ruining the foliage. The fact that the loss of leaves is occurring in a very specific place on the plant, can confirm that it is an infestation of some kind.
If the spots on the leaves are very small and yellowish, and before the leaves fall they seem to fade, they could be mites, also called little red spiders, which develop easily in dry and dry environments, such as can be found at home.
If, on the other hand, the spots are not spread over the entire leaf page, but are restricted to certain areas, they could be fungi:
If the leaves have orange spots, perhaps it is rust;
If the leaves have dark speckles it could be some rot that has also affected the roots, even if these fungi develop in a ground kept constantly humid, or even wet, in the presence of stagnant water, and you don't seem like the kind that keeps his beloved ficus always immersed in water, or otherwise they would not have survived long.
In theory, if there are any insects, of any kind they are, you should see them on the foliage, since you don't report their presence, I think it is more likely to be some kind of fungal disease, such as rust or some other type.
So I invite you to prune the ruined branches, removing them until you find the wood healthy, cleaning the scissors well with each cut; then water the plant using a systemic fungicide, in the nursery they will advise you on the right product in this case.
I advise you not to vaporize the plants, simply because they are inside the house, and certainly the fungicide would linger for some time in the air of the apartment, and I believe you are intent on "sniffing" a bit of fungicide; even if you intend to use a product suitable for organic farming, I advise you not to use it at home, rather wait until you can move the ficus trees outdoors.