Secrets of blue phalaenopsis: do such orchids exist in nature and how to properly care for them?

Secrets of blue phalaenopsis: do such orchids exist in nature and how to properly care for them?

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Phalaenopsis come in a variety of colors. Some of them look very unusual. Blue flowers are beautiful and original.

Many housewives want to have such phalaenopsis on their windowsill. This plant is truly eye-catching with its unusual appearance.

Do such plants exist in nature?

There are no phalaenopsis with blue flowers in nature... Such plants cannot be found among hybrids either. Why are such exotic flowers sold in stores?

You buy an orchid, which pleases with blue flowers during the entire flowering, then it begins a dormant period. With the necessary care, after a while the phalaenopsis again expels the peduncle. And here, instead of blue, gray-blue flowers appear, and sometimes white ones. Newbie flower growers look for mistakes during care, but this should not be done, since their fault is not here.

Blue flowers are obtained through the usual coloring, which is carried out using a special technology. Over time, the paint is washed out, and the plant takes on naturally colored flowers.

In large flower shops, information about painted plants is placed near the shelves with flowers. Some unscrupulous sellers are actively selling the painted stem, overstating the cost. And the quality of staining can be very low. Or they are completely silent about it.

Breeding history

How did blue orchids come about? For example, the well-known Phalaenopsis Royal Blue has its own history. It is known that phalaenopsis of this color began to be created in 2 organizations:

  • At Florida Silver Vase Farm in 2011, at the exhibition of tropical plant species, blue-dyed orchids were presented for the first time.
  • In the Dutch kennel Geest Orchideen... The breeders of this company even received an award for such an unusual plant. Since 2009, they have created several different varieties according to the developed technology. They make up the Royal Family collection.

The secret of this technology has not been disclosed. It is known that white phalaenopsis is installed in a special environment.... To create it, natural ingredients are used and the process is not dangerous for flowers. But, the next time they bloom, they will be white or with a slight blue. This information must be indicated on the labels for plants.

Orchids come in a wide variety of colors. We have prepared articles on yellow and pink orchids on our portal.

Home care

After the purchase, you bring the flower to a new habitat, so the buds may fall off. In this case, it is required to assess the state of the root system. If the paint was injected into the roots, then the plant will not be able to help. And when the pigment was injected into the peduncle, there is an opportunity to improve the condition of the flower.

The care of plants with blue flowers is the same as for other flowers. They should be watered when the earth dries up, fed 2 times a month, sprayed with a spray bottle.

There are also a few nuances.:

  • If the coloring was carried out during watering, then it is advisable to carry out subsequent procedures with a coloring agent. This will keep the phalaenopsis attractive.
  • A store-bought painted flower is doubly stressed. In addition to harmful components, a change in the microclimate also negatively affects. It is preferable to place the stem in partial shade. Regular watering and minimal fertilization are important for him.
  • Plants like high humidity. For spraying, warm, settled water is used. It is important to control that the air humidity is not less than 60%. If the air is drier, a humidifier is needed.
  • Flowers need fresh air. Therefore, regular ventilation is needed. But, it is better not to put a flower near the window, since a draft is harmful to it. The orchid should not be near the air flow from the air conditioner.
  • Illumination is important for the plant. It is important that the light is diffused and there is a lot of it. Therefore, the flower is placed on a light window, but not on the southern one. In this case, the orchid should be protected from direct sunlight.

For the rest of the care parameters, blue orchids do not differ from other phalaenopsis. They need 12-14 hours of light and humidified air. Then the flower will look healthy and beautiful. It is also necessary to regularly fertilize phalaenopsis with the help of special dressings.

It is advisable to buy blue phalaenopsis at special exhibitions and stores... It is important to look at the color of the leaves and roots. If they are blue, it is best not to purchase such a plant. They were painted in violation of technology, so they usually die.

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