Details about when hibiscus blooms and how long it lasts. Care advice

Details about when hibiscus blooms and how long it lasts. Care advice

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Among lovers of indoor and garden flowers, there is not a single person who is indifferent to the flowering of hibiscus. During the flowering period, it is impossible to take your eyes off the gorgeous buds of this plant. The flower feels great in a greenhouse, on the windowsill of an apartment. In the gardens, you can find artificially bred frost-resistant hibiscus species. This article will tell you when and how hibiscus blooms, how to care for a flower during flowering, and what to do if there is no flowering.

Home flowering: how long does it last and when does it start?

The hibiscus or Chinese rose is famous for its wonderful buds that bloom on the bushes and resemble flowers from the "Garden of Eden". This plant belongs to the numerous mallow family, in its natural habitat it is distributed in Africa, America, Brazil, Asia and the Middle East.

Hibiscus are:

  • tree-like;
  • herbaceous;
  • deciduous.

Flowers in some species reach 20 cm in diameter, cover the entire plant and have a bright, unique color. The color range of Chinese rose buds is varied; they are scarlet, crimson, purple, yellow, some with bright edging along the edge of the petals. The leaves of different types of hibiscus have a similar appearance: carved, large, bright green shiny plates.

Hibiscus is one of the most attractive ornamental shrubsthat can be planted outdoors in the southern regions of the country or grown indoors. This is a non-capricious plant that does not require much attention, but it grows very quickly and blooms very beautifully.

The genus contains over 200 plant species. The most popular types of hibiscus:

  1. Syrian or garden hibiscus grows well outdoors in regions with mild winters. This tree-like shrub can grow up to 2 m and blooms from July to September with white or lilac buds. Ideal for the formation of hedges in home gardens.
  2. Swamp hibiscus It stands out among other species with large, up to 18 cm in diameter, colorful flowers.
  3. Chinese is an indoor evergreen shrub with red double flowers.
  4. Variegated or Cooper's hibiscus covered with leaves that have multi-colored spots, the color and size of which depend on the conditions of detention.

Important! In a shaded area, the leaves of a variegated hibiscus will have a normal green color. In good light, the foliage will be covered with yellow and pink specks.

Indoor hibiscus, with good care, can bloom for a whole year. So how long does the plant bloom? The lifespan of a bud depends on the plant variety. Most often, it fades after 1 - 2 days. A healthy plant is completely covered with flowers, which bloom in turn, and it seems that the bush is constantly blooming.

A photo

Below is what a flowering plant looks like in the photo.

Features of care at this time for a houseplant

From the moment the buds set and until the end of flowering, hibiscus requires careful handling, since delicate flowers exist in all their beauty for only one day... Even with a weak mechanical effect on the plant, they easily crumble. Caring for a handsome man comes down to controlling the correct watering and regular spraying.

Read how to care for your hibiscus here.

How to renew?

To extend the life of the buds and the duration of flowering, the plant must be fed with fertilizers containing potassium and nitrogen, and sprayed with water at a temperature of 30 ° from a spray bottle. When a bush is covered with flowers, it cannot be moved to another location. In the summer, the best place for indoor hibiscus would be a loggia or veranda.

What to do after?

During flowering, the plant gives all its strength to the formation of a large number of buds, and the growth of the tree slows down. At the end of flowering, the bush needs pruning and feeding in order to restore strength and gain green mass.

Reference! If the hibiscus is not trimmed, fresh shoots will not form and flowering will not begin, as buds form on young branches.

Why doesn't it bloom?

The lack of flowering of the Chinese rose can be due to several reasons.:

  1. Improper wintering of the plant.
  2. The pot is too spacious.
  3. Low air temperature during the growing season.
  4. Lack of pruning in early spring or after previous flowering.

You will not be able to wait for flowers if you keep the bush in a dark and cold place.... Drafts and temperature changes are also detrimental to the flower.

A beautiful Chinese rose, loved by flower growers for its exotic flowers and easy care, will certainly answer love and care with the delicate beauty of flowers and bring harmony and comfort to the house.

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