We grow radishes - how many days does it emerge after sowing and how to speed up the process?

We grow radishes - how many days does it emerge after sowing and how to speed up the process?

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Radish is not only a "bad person", but a very useful root vegetable, which contains ascorbic acid, vitamins of group B, P, PP, proteins, amino acids, sugar, calcium, iron, phosphorus and so on.

Therefore, radish is so popular among Russian gardeners. Radishes are sown as soon as the soil dries up after the first snow melt and warms up to 10-12 ° C heat.

In the southern and western regions, this period occurs in early to mid-April. Today we will tell you how many days the germination of radishes is and how it happens.

What influences a good harvest?

There are many factors, they mainly revolve around the quality of the seeds and their freshness. The main rule of experienced gardeners is not to store seed material for planting for more than a year. Also pay attention to:

  • Seed size - choose large ones, throw away small and grayish ones (it is very likely that they are "sick").
  • Priming - it should be moist enough, but not flooded. Also, the fruit loves light and loose soils.
  • Weather in the house, greenhouse or outside - radish loves warmth (but not heat) and grows faster on it, although it is able to withstand low temperatures.
  • Variety - the fastest emerge are "dawn", "18 days", "early red", "ruby" and "corundum".

We offer you to watch a video about what factors affect the radish yield:

After how many days do seed shoots appear in open ground after a time from sowing?

At what temperature does a radish grow best? For radishes, a moisture content of 75-80% and about 20 C ° heat is ideal. Under such conditions, it breaks through without soaking after 100-120 hours. On what day will radish seeds sprout in an open groove when soaked?

If the seeds are soaked in advance, then three days will be enough for germination.

It is a different matter if the plant has to make its way in unfavorable weather conditions for it. How long does it take for a radish to appear after sowing in this case? At 10 C °, it takes at least 10 days to wait for seedlings, at half the temperature, the period is extended to 15-20 days. Light frosts can stop the growth of radishes before the arrival of heat., the harvest in this case will be late.

If the gardener is against soaking and growth stimulants, then the seeds must be planted to a depth of about one centimeter, otherwise it will be extremely difficult for the sprout to break through.

A photo

You will see a photo of radish shoots and how it happens:

How to grow radishes as soon as possible?

There are several secrets that experienced gardeners use:

  • Soak... To do this, you need to keep the seeds wrapped in a damp cloth and warm for a day, then heat them for a quarter of an hour in hot water.
  • Bubbling... It looks like soaking, but at the same time a compressor is placed in the container, which drives the water so that the seeds move evenly and are enriched with oxygen. It takes 8-12 hours to process radishes in this way.
  • Growth stimulants... They enrich seeds with useful microelements.
  • Film... She covers crops at night.

What to do after the fruit has hatched?

When the first leaves make their way to the sun, it is time to thin out the radish beds. Thickened seedlings should be removed, giving life only to the strongest of them. The ideal distance between shoots is three to four centimeters. This is how the maximum yield is achieved.

Young plants need to be watered every day., regularly weed and loosen the soil, destroy weeds.

How to understand that it is a radish that has sprung up?

Young shoots are tiny, symmetrical leaves that develop into lush tops over time. Along with its growth, roots appear from the ground, which are only partially visible.

If nothing has grown?

As mentioned earlier, frosts can prevent the radish from rising. In this case, a greenhouse / film (the right choice) or a stock of patience and the willingness to lose the crop (the wrong choice) will come in handy.

Second the enemy of the root crop is the cruciferous flea... Gardeners may not notice the sprouted sprouts as the insect eats them. To combat it, chemicals, vinegar and a decoction of tomato or potato tops are used.

Is it possible to weed out good seeds from the chaff in advance?

Gardeners prepare a homemade solution:

  1. Eight grams of salt is added to a glass of water, the seeds are poured into it and mixed.
  2. After five to seven minutes, you need to remove everything that surfaced.

    Please note that the rest is the “cream” from which a good harvest will come.

  3. They should be carefully dried without scattering future crops around the room.

    You can use a fan to do this, but not a hairdryer.

Radish is one of the earliest ripening fruits; during the summer, you can get at least three harvests, even in northern latitudes. It is all the more important to keep an eye on him from the first minutes after planting, so that on summer evenings, radishes crunch deliciously at the table.

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