How to keep your child busy in the country?

How to keep your child busy in the country?

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The dacha is a wonderful place!

Our children enjoy nature together with adults.

So that they do not get bored, we offer several ideas that will make the rest of the younger members of your family more fun.

Young agronomist

Usually, it is not difficult for adults to give a child a small piece of land in the garden.

Give him safe tools, offer him seeds of easy-to-care plants, remind him of timely weeding and watering.

Work will be rewarded soon. The kid can decorate the garden at his own discretion.

Let him build a fence of chips, or lay out grooves with flat pebbles, set up his toys as garden figurines, whatever!

Children's fantasy knows no boundaries. There is no free bed - it doesn't matter. You can fill any container with earth from an old bucket to an egg shell. All this can be decorated, sown and enjoy the original idea.


Bird watching is fun, rewarding and doesn't require any complicated preparations. You need a couple of feeders, a bag of seeds, and a little patience. If you have binoculars in your house, great!

Let the child pour seeds and bread crumbs into the “bird's canteen”, memorize or take pictures of “visitors”, and in the evening together see who flew to the feeding trough, read about these birds in the encyclopedia or on the Internet.

Make an observation diary with pictures or drawings. You can keep statistics on how many birds and at what time they arrive to feed.


Not all children tend to watch calmly.

For the most active, sports butterfly fishing is suitable.

I am not advocating pinning and drying them. You just need to catch the butterfly with a butterfly net.

If you get caught - this is one, caught another - this is two!

You can arrange a competition, catch only butterflies of a certain color, make a table of records, and in between times memorize the names of these wonderful creatures.


More suitable for girls, but, as practice shows, boys also like to give mothers flowers. That's fine! Let the child make bouquets of wildflowers, decorate the rooms and the porch with them.

Give the children cans of water, an empty drawer will serve as a counter. You can now open a florist shop. Not only bouquets are suitable for sale, but also flower wreaths, bracelets, necklaces.


The village is a place where you can most likely find deposits of clay. Let the children sculpt pots, cups, vases, toys from it.

It is not at all necessary to prepare this clay with high quality. This is not so important. The main thing is the process!

Products can be dried in a cooling oven or simply in the sun. And if you take paint from the city, it will be even more interesting. Finished products can be used for games, or arrange an exhibition.


What could be more interesting than designing and launching paper airplanes.

They can be folded from any paper, painted in any color and run in any quantity.

Arrange competitions for range or flight accuracy, organize a squadron review, open an air show.

Do not forget that you need to collect the planes at the end of the game. Don't pollute nature!


If your summer cottage is located away from neighbors, then it is quite possible to allow your child to develop their musical abilities.

Pull a rope between two trees, having previously secured on it everything from which it is possible to make sound: an old frying pan, a saucepan, a kettle, cans, empty bottles.

Give the child a stick and inform that he is a musician. With this wand, he will merrily rattle on "musical instruments" for some time. Yes, loud, but he will like it!


If construction work is underway at the dacha and there is a cement mixture, then this is just a treasure!

Pour a solution with a large amount of sand into a shallow flat container, add various interesting objects there, wait until it solidifies completely. All! The excavation kit is ready.

Give the children hammers, old paint brushes, and something that can act as a chisel. Children are busy, parents are calm. Keep in mind, however, that for young children, this activity can be fraught with injury.


Ball! A universal toy for all times.

Football, volleyball, bouncer ... But you never know ball games.

I offer you a suburban bowling alley.

A few empty plastic water bottles will replace pins, and a bowling ball will be a regular ball.

Place the pins on the garden path and enjoy the game!


Not always the right toys are available at the dacha - it doesn't matter. With a slight movement of the saw, dry branches and driftwood turn into an entertaining construction set.

It can be used to build houses, towers and even entire rural settlements for the charming flower inhabitants. Remember how you made pupae from thin twigs and dandelions? Teach the kids!

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