Promising Dutch potatoes Taisiya: variety description, characteristics, photos

Promising Dutch potatoes Taisiya: variety description, characteristics, photos

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Taisiya is a promising Dutch variety, recently officially recognized in Russia, but popular all over the world.

These early potatoes are distinguished by an unprecedented yield, while the taste of the tubers is consistently high. Potatoes can be grown on farms and private backyards, it is also suitable for industrial production.

A detailed description of the variety, its main characteristics and cultivation features, as well as the propensity to diseases and methods of pest control, are further in the article.

Root description

Variety nameTaisiya
general characteristicsmedium early table variety of high yield
Ripening period70-80 days
Starch content12-16%
Mass of marketable tubers100-130 gr
The number of tubers in the bush9-15
Yieldup to 430 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesexcellent taste, medium digestibility
Keeping quality96%
Peel coloryellow
Pulp coloryellow
Preferred growing regionsCentral, Central Black Earth, Volgo-Vyatka, North-West, Ural
Disease resistancehighly resistant to rhizoctonia, rust, Y-virus and Yntn-virus, moderately resistant to scab, late blight
Growing featuresgermination of planting material is recommended, the variety tolerates drought and high temperatures well
OriginatorSolana (Germany)
  • medium-sized tubers, weighing from 100 to 130 g;
  • oval or round-oval shape;
  • neat tubers, aligned in weight and size;
  • the peel is light yellow, uniform, thin, smooth;
  • eyes are superficial, small, inconspicuous, unpainted;
  • the flesh on the cut is white;
  • the starch content is average, ranging from 12 to 16%;
  • high content of protein and valuable amino acids.

In the table below you can see data on how much the average weight of marketable tubers of different varieties of potatoes is:

Variety nameTuber weight
Taisiya100-130 gr
Juvel80-150 gr
Minerva120-245 g
Kiranda90-175 gr
Dolphin60-100 gr
Rogneda80-120 gr
Granada80-100 gr
Sorcerer75-150 gr
Lasunok150-200 gr
Zhuravinka90-160 gr
Ryabinushka90-130 gr


The "Taisiya" potato variety belongs to the mid-early table and has the following characteristics. The growing season is 70 to 90 days. Tubers are tied together, under favorable climatic conditions, the yield is very high, up to 460 centners per hectare.

Compare the yield of Taisia ​​with other varieties using the data in the table:

Variety nameYield
Taisiyaup to 430 c / ha
Red Lady170-300 c / ha
Rosara350-400 c / ha
Molly390-450 c / ha
Luck420-430 c / ha
Lyubava300-520 c / ha
Latonaup to 460 c / ha
Kamensky500-550 c / ha
Zorachka250-320 c / ha
Vinetaup to 400 c / ha
Meteor200-400 c / ha

The harvested potatoes are well stored without losing their marketable properties for a long time. The variety is suitable for sale, transportation is possible.

Medium-sized, upright bush with moderately spreading branches. The formation of green mass is average, the leaves are medium-sized, simple, dark green. The corolla is compact, collected from large white, rapidly falling flowers.

There are few berries, often they do not ripen. The root system is well developed, 15-20 selected potatoes are tied under each bush... There are not many uncomfortable little things, ugly tubers are formed very rarely.

Planting care and agricultural technology are not difficult. You can grow potatoes from seeds or tubers. For seed propagation, the seedling method is recommended, this will shorten the growing season. Potatoes are planted in narrow rows, fertile light soil is preferred. Drip irrigation is desirable, as well as 1-2 times feeding with mineral complexes or organic matter. For more information about what to fertilize, how and when to apply fertilizer, how to do it correctly when planting, read the additional articles on the site.

The seed for subsequent plantings is collected independently, it is practically not subject to degeneration.

When grown from seed, a black leg may appear In conditions of excessive humidity, root or apical rot can develop. Late blight resistance is average.

Users note the excellent taste of potatoes. Many early varieties are not very tasty, Taisiya is a happy exception. The tubers are neither watery nor dry, full-bodied, suitable for preparing a variety of dishes. The starch content is moderate, which makes the potato versatile. The tubers do not boil over, keeping their neat shape. Potatoes do not darken during cutting and cooking... Root vegetables can be deep-fried, boiled, baked, stuffed, mashed.


The Taisiya potatoes were bred by Dutch breeders. The patent holder is the well-known Solana company specializing in promising modern hybrids.

Registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2015, it is recommended to grow in Central, Central Black Earth, Volgo-Vyatka, North-West, Ural regions... Potatoes "Taisiya", due to their characteristics, are suitable for farms and amateur households, it is possible to grow in industrial fields.

Potatoes are good for sale, large, even tubers have excellent marketability. According to official data, the yield of marketable tubers does not fall below 91%.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the variety include:

  • pleasant taste;
  • high nutrient content;
  • early amicable ripening;
  • excellent productivity;
  • harvested potatoes are well stored;
  • seed material does not degenerate;
  • drought resistance;
  • tolerance to temperature changes;
  • immunity to underlying diseases.

The variety is stored well, but you can read about the terms and temperature, what problems there may be in the articles on our website. Also read about how to store potatoes in winter, on the balcony, in the refrigerator, in boxes, peeled.

There were no drawbacks in the variety... To increase the yield, it is recommended to carefully select the seed with preliminary treatment, organize watering and feeding.

Growing features

Like other early varieties, Taisia ​​is often grown from seed. With this method, a good harvest can be obtained only after a year; in the first season, the tubers will be small, but quite suitable as planting material.

When propagating by tubers, seed material is pickled, dried, treated with growth stimulants. Potatoes must be germinated before planting.... For cultivation, specimens with the strongest and brightest sprouts are selected.

It is necessary to plant tubers when the soil warms up to 10 degrees. It is not recommended to delay planting, in spring the soil is saturated with natural moisture, which guarantees the friendly growth of potatoes. Humus and wood ash are introduced into the soil. The potatoes are planted at a distance of 20 cm from each other, the row spacing is 60 cm.

Potatoes are sensitive to moisture levels... In the rainy season, rot may appear, a long drought reduces the number of tubers, they turn out to be small. The ideal option is to organize a drip irrigation system that regulates the moisture level.

Wood ash saves from stagnant water. During the planting season, they huddle 1-2 times, at the same time destroying the weeds. Read also how to grow potatoes without hilling and weeding.

The first tubers can be dug in 45 days after planting. But the main crop should be harvested at the end of the growing season, it is at this time that the potatoes become especially tasty and healthy.

Spraying, like the use of other chemicals in growing root crops, has both ardent adherents and those who are against the use of chemistry.

There are many ways to grow potatoes. On our site you can get acquainted with Dutch technologies, learn a lot of useful information about growing under straw, in bags, in barrels, in boxes.

Diseases and pests

The variety is quite resistant to the main diseases of the nightshade: potato crayfish, rhizoctonia, leaf spot, various viruses, and golden cyst nematode. Under unfavorable conditions, damage is possible with ordinary scab, root or apical rot, black leg. Early ripening saves plants from late blight. For preventive purposes, the bushes can be sprayed with an aqueous solution of copper-containing preparations.

In early summer, potatoes can be affected by aphids, spider mites, Colorado beetles. Timely weeding or mulching of the soil will help to save planting. In the case of severe lesions, insecticides are used in aerosols. To prevent the appearance of a wireworm, the seed is pickled, and the soil is watered with fungicides.

A photo

Potatoes "Taisiya", the description of the variety of which we studied above, is illustrated in the following photos:

"Taisiya" - a true yield champion in the mid-early potato group. The variety is young, but very promising, every year it wins more and more fans.

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