How is picking pepper seedlings done at home? When to do it, a description of the process with a photo, caring for transplanted plants

How is picking pepper seedlings done at home? When to do it, a description of the process with a photo, caring for transplanted plants

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Pepper is a delicate and capricious crop, so any wrong actions during its cultivation will lead to the death of the plant or slower growth.

One of the most crucial moments of care is picking pepper seedlings.

Today we'll talk about how to dive pepper seedlings correctly, the basic rules for diving pepper seedlings.

Do I need to dive pepper seedlings?

The need for this process depends on how the pepper was sown. If it was immediately placed in separate containers or (even better) in peat pots, then there is no need to dive. Such specimens will grow safely until the time when they are ready for planting in a greenhouse or open ground.

But if the peppers were sown too thickly in one common container, they must be dived. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Densely planted plants will shade each other... From a lack of light, they will slow down, or even stop growth. All specimens will be frail and elongated. It is unlikely that later you will be able to get a rich harvest by planting such seedlings.
  2. From the thickening of the plantings, plexus of the roots of individual plants with each other... When the time comes for disembarkation, you will definitely damage the roots, separating one bush from another. After that, the plants will start to hurt and may also die.

When do pepper seedlings dive?

If you sowed seeds in early February, then transplant the pepper in March. By this time, under favorable growing conditions, 3-4 true leaves appear on the shoots. This is exactly the time when the plants get cramped, and they begin to fight for the sun's rays. At this moment, you need to cut the seedlings.

You should not start picking a pepper before at least two real leaves appear on it. Moreover, in no case do not transplant plants that only have cotyledonous leaves... The root system of such sprouts is still too weak. They have a single main root that is unable to take root in a new place.

Where to seat?

As noted earlier, the peppers must be seated in separate containers. You can use cardboard bags for juices or dairy products.

IMPORTANT! Make drainage holes in the bottom of the boxes to allow excess moisture to drain out when watering.

Peat pots are ideal.which can be purchased at any shop that sells garden supplies or seeds.

These pots are then planted in the soil without removing the plants from them, which allows you to completely preserve the intact root system... In addition, peat pots will serve as an additional source of nutrition for your plants in the future.

Pick pots should be large enough to give the root system enough room to grow.

Fill the planting containers with special soil, which has an ideal composition for growing this crop. If there is no opportunity to purchase ready-made soil, you can compose it yourself.

Mix two parts soil with one part sand and humus, add some wood ash to reduce acidity. The mixture should be as loose and breathable as possible.

How to dive peppers for seedlings?

A few hours before the transplant the ground in the box with pepper needs to be well moistened... This is necessary so that the roots are not damaged when removing the shoots. Gently prying the sprouts, take them out of the box.

TIP! Find the main root of each sprout and pinch the tip about a quarter of the way down. This procedure will stimulate the development of the lateral roots.

Transferring pepper to cups. Make a small indentation in each cup and place the sprout in it. Gently compact the soil around the plant and water the soil. After transplanting for 1-2 days, put the pots in a shaded place... At this time, it is important to ensure that the air temperature does not drop below 20-22 degrees.

IMPORTANT! Is it possible to deepen the peppers when diving? In no case do not bury them down to the cotyledonous leaves. The sprouts should be in the soil at the same level as when sprouting. Excessively buried roots will rot, and no additional roots are formed on the stem, as is the case with tomatoes.

How to dive pepper correctly, photo below:

Post-transplant care

Once you transplant the seedlings into pots, they will stop growing for a while. This is normal, since the roots must first take root in order to continue the development of the aerial part.

the main thing in the first 3-4 days, make sure that the sun does not fall on the plants and the room is not too hot... Even if the leaves are slightly tucked, do not be alarmed. If you transplanted the pepper correctly, it will recover and continue to develop.

IMPORTANT! Do not overmoisten the soil in the pots, even at the first sign of sagging leaves. The root system is not yet able to absorb water and may start to rot.

It is not recommended to put pepper seedlings in the greenhouse immediately after picking. Leave it for a week in the same place where it stood before. It will be possible to move the seedlings to the greenhouse only when they restore turgor after transplanting. Otherwise, they will take root much longer.

Top dressing

How to fertilize pepper seedlings after picking? The first fertilizers can only be applied 14-15 days after the pick.

Use any all-purpose vegetable mix or special seedling formula.

If the plant develops correctly, then the upper, young leaves will be light green, and the lower ones will be dark.

IMPORTANT! Do not fertilize peppers with nitrogen-rich mixtures or manure. Such fertilizers will negatively affect its development.

Compliance with all the rules for picking such a capricious plant will allow you to get a rich harvest in the future. We told you what is a dive of pepper seedlings, how to dive at home, when is it better to do it, approximate terms?

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You can clearly see the whole process of picking in the video below:

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