Why cockroach gels are so effective: a review of brands, pros and cons, principle of action

Why cockroach gels are so effective: a review of brands, pros and cons, principle of action

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Remedy for cockroaches: gel - is considered a very successful invention of manufacturers, allowing in a short period to get rid of cockroaches and other parasites that cause inconvenience to ordinary people.

It works very effectively even with large concentrations of insects. Its main component is an insecticide, supplemented with flavorings and strong flavors.

With the help of such a bait, it will be easy to attract pests, which usually eat the proposed poison with great appetite.

Cockroach gel in a syringe

The jelly-like substance is sold in tubes equipped with a convenient spout, as well as in syringes, which are very convenient to use, primarily because make it possible to apply them in small portions and pointwise, even in hard-to-reach places... Compared to liquid preparations, gels are less toxic, however, their effectiveness does not in any way suffer from this.

Operating principle

Insecticide included in the preparations characterized by nerve action... If ingested, it is able to block nerve impulses, then immobilize and cause death. It has both contact and intestinal effects. But the insecticide in the substance is no more than 2%. This is quite enough.

To attract Prusaks, food attractants are added to the poison - in other words, flavors. The composition is made on an oil basis.

It does not allow the substance to dry quickly, therefore it remains in working order for a long timewithout reacting to sunlight or room temperature.

To protect the bait from unwanted eating by children or pets, it is often made bitter. However, this does not stop insects from eating.

For reference! The scent attracts pests to itself. They eat food that is pleasant for them, and carry away the rest of the composition on their paws. It should be noted that death does not occur immediately, so the Prussians cannot suspect anything special.

The death of the colony begins in a couple of dayswhen most of it is already infected. The remaining individuals die out gradually, especially since the bait continues to remain on the treated surface.

It has a prolonged effect. It can be used against re-infection. This is true if the parasites have also settled in neighboring apartments and may well run back to your territory.

Now there are several popular brands of gels on the market: Dohlox, FAS, Global, Forsyth, Combat, Clean House and Raptor.


  1. The insect pest drug is a successful invention. If you have one, you do not need to chase them with a spray can. It is best to select the places of congestion and spread the bait there.
  2. Ease of use... The cockroach gel syringe determines the exact dosage, and the tube of paste easily squeezes out the required portion of the substance.
  3. Another advantage is duration of exposure poison, which can be on the surface for up to two months. During this time, the entire population of parasites is eliminated.
  4. Efficiency... For comparison: the aerosol for fighting the Prussians will last only two days and will destroy only those individuals that come under the gun. Powders will be able to lie for a long time, but they will not be able to quickly exterminate the parasites.
    But with gels, be sure that with the extinction of one generation of pests, a new one will also not resist the desire to try the poison. In this case, reproduction is excluded, therefore, the population will be completely destroyed.
  5. Cockroach Jelly Pastes colorless, not dangerous to humans and animals... They do not dissolve in the air and do not have an odor, but simply lie there, protecting the room.
  6. Profitability... The composition is easily placed around the house, and its price is so low that it will be affordable for any owner who worries about the cleanliness of his home. One package of the drug is enough to process 45 squares of area, if, of course, there are not so many parasites in it. If the infection has a high level, the consumption rate of the funds will have to be doubled.
  7. The bait will not leave marks on furniture and floors... It can be easily washed off with a damp cloth or napkin.
  8. Purchase availability... The drugs are sold at any hardware store. If you don't have time to go to retail outlets, you can easily order them through online stores.


There are few cons.

  1. Compositions do not act instantly... But this is not so important. The extinction of the population will be gradual, but all individuals will be eliminated. Repeated disinsection will not be required.
  2. Larvae are not destroyed during processing, but small insects are eliminated immediately after they are born.

Important! Store the tube or syringe with gel at normal room temperature in a dark place, protected from animals and children.

Instructions for use

To use the drug, no special equipment required... It is enough to get rubber gloves and a gauze bandage.

    1. Before using an insecticidal substance do a general cleaning... Wipe and rinse the suspected pest sites;
    2. Apply the gel to surfaces or use cardboard or paper strips for this purpose. If the substance has a thick consistency, you can apply it not only on a horizontal, but also on a vertical surface.

Advice! By using strips of cardboard, it will be much easier to clean up after the goal of killing household pests has been achieved.

  1. The tool is applied in dots, more precisely - dotted line... The distance between the nearest points is 3-7 cm. The stronger the infection in the apartment, the more often points should be placed.
  2. The best thing leave the applied preparation for 2 months... After this period is over, do a general cleaning.
  3. The compositions can also be used to prevent contamination of residential premises.

Attention! To effectively get rid of the Prusaks, after using the composition, completely isolate the pests from their contact with water.

The drugs mentioned above are not only a means of struggle, but also a means of prevention.

But in order to enhance their effect, the use must be combined with a number of mandatory measures, such as constant house cleaning, placing nets on ventilation ducts and limited access of pests to food.

With the introduction of such measures, the house will be reliably protected from cockroaches for a long time.

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