Fat plants

My succulent plant is sick

My succulent plant is sick

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Question: My succulent plant is bad

Hi everyone, I can't tell you the name of my fat plant, it has an elongated shape, it is not big and it is in a jar of equal size to a cup of coffee, since they gave it to me and grew little and pointed; since I always kept it at home, I thought that to make it grow better it would have been a good idea to keep it on the window sill so that it would get some sun, but over time the pointed part has become brown and skimpy, now the tip is soft and I fear that the whole plant is about to die, the lower part, at the base is still green, but in general the plant is becoming increasingly soft. Can I still do something? Where did I go wrong?

Answer: My succulent plant is bad

Dear Gessica,
your small cactacea was growing in a stunted and sharp way as it was exposed to little light, since these plants need to be grown in full sunlight; the move after a while, however, led the plant to be hit by a rot, perhaps due to the colder climate or an excess of watering.
There is nothing left for you to do but cut the dark and soft part, until you find some green fabric and no spots or soft parts; then place the plant in a bright but warm area, as the plant was warm until a few weeks ago.
Water only sporadically, when the soil is perfectly dry.