Cheap and effective! Celandine for fleas and ticks for cats

Cheap and effective! Celandine for fleas and ticks for cats

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Celandine or witch's herb, as it is popularly called, has a lot of useful properties.

On its basis, many drugs are prepared, including antiparasitic drugs for animals.

Facilities "Celandine" from fleas and ticks for cats are veterinary drugs.

"Celandine" - a line of products

Preparations that include celandine alkaloids are potent agents that should be used with caution, and exactly following the instructions.

They are effective fight not only with the ectoparasites themselvesfleas, ticks and other blood-sucking insects, but also can treat the consequences of their bites in the form of helminthic invasions.

Veterinary drugs for fleas and ticks have been developed for cats:

  • drops;
  • collar;
  • shampoo;
  • spray;
  • anthelmintic drug for adult cats;

All funds can be used for adult animals and for kittens over 8 weeks old... All preparations indicate the age of the animal from which they can be used.

Drops from fleas and ticks

In addition to alkaloids, they contain celandine fipronilparalyzing fleas, and permethrinthat kills them.

Drops for cats "Celandine" are distinguished by their effectiveness. Instructions for use:

  1. Drops are applied to the withers or between the shoulder blades of the animal, that is, in those places that the cat cannot lick.
  2. The wool is pushed apart and the drug is dripped onto the skin.
  3. It penetrates the cat's skin, enters the body and spreads throughout the skin..
  4. With sebum, the poison is released outward and most often the parasite dies even before it bites the cat..

It is not recommended to bathe the animal for 2-3 days after applying the drops, so that they begin to act.


Its action is based not only on the absorption into the skin and blood of the animal drug applied to the collar.

The main effect is to repel insects, the strap is impregnated with a compound with a rather strong characteristic odor. The collar is recommended to be used together with drops.

Validity from 2 to 4 months. For kittens there is a collar "Celandine Junior"infused with natural essential oils and plant extracts.


It contains significantly lower concentration of alkaloids than drops... He used more as a prophylactic agent... It is also used for massive damage to an animal by insects.

The manufacturer has taken care of the long-haired cats. For them, a shampoo has been created with a caring effect that makes combing easier. There is a separate shampoo for kittens.

  1. The shampoo is applied to the damp coat with massaging movements, gently whipping it into a lather.
  2. Washed off after 4-5 minutes with plenty of water.

Antiparasitic shampoo does not have a prolonged action, it kills and flushes out fleas and ticks, but does not protect in the future. For longer protection against insects, it is recommended to use Celandine drops..


Spray intended for the treatment of cat hair, as well as its habitats, bedding and soft toys.

  1. Before applying shake the bottle well.
  2. Spray all over the cat's body from a distance of 15-20 cm.
  3. Processed back, stomach, paws.

For application on the head and ears, a glove moistened with spray is used. This is done so that the drug does not get into the eyes and mucous membranes. After finishing the treatment, carefully comb out the cat, and remove the remnants of the drug with a cotton sponge. After finishing the procedure, wash your face and hands thoroughly with soap.

in the coming days contact with the cat should be limited. The spray is contraindicated in sick and weakened animals, pregnant and lactating cats, as well as kittens up to 2 months.

Read more about what are the symptoms of fleas in a kitten and how to rid a baby of bloodsuckers here.

Anthelmintic drugs

Some alkaloids contained in celandine have a paralyzing effect on helminths without harming the cat. Available in two forms - tablets for adult animals and suspension "Glistogon".

"Celandine" does not kill parasites, but paralyzes them, then they are excreted from the body with feces. The suspension works after a few hours. During the day, the drug is completely excreted in the urine. If the dosage is strictly observed, "Glistogon" is completely safe for animals.

The suspension can be used to treat kittens from 3 weeks of age. It is given to the animal during the morning feeding with food or in pure form using a dispenser.

The number of tablets for an adult is calculated based on its weight. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions so that the animal does not get poisoned. If there are signs of poisoning, contact your veterinarian immediately.

In addition to excellent quality drugs "Celandine" pleases with a low price... The range of the value of the transferred funds - from 50 to 80 rubles.

Caring for the health of the animal must be reasonable. Do not use the drug if you do not know how it will affect your pet. Be sure to check with your veterinarian on the use of parasite medications if your cat is sick, pregnant, or nursing kittens.

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