Get rid of the parasites! Remedies for cockroaches Clean House

Get rid of the parasites! Remedies for cockroaches Clean House

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Cockroaches in the house cause a lot of inconvenience and hassle. You can no longer leave food on the table. Even the crumbs that accidentally wake up on the floor are a real feast for insects.

Considering that these insects eat everything, including paper, their favorite habitats are not limited to cuisine.

There are a number of insect repellents available. We will look at the features of the Clean House line. Judging by the reviews, it is quite effective and deserves attention.

Types of funds Clean house

A clean house belongs to modern insecticidal preparations. The line of products includes drugs for various parasites in the house, including cockroaches. Products are produced in different forms:

  • spray can;
  • gel;
  • powder or dust;
  • traps;
  • crayon.


The drug instant action can deservedly be called an aerosol.

The tool is already ready for use, which is its huge plus. But the consumer is even more attracted by the effectiveness of the action. Cockroaches die within a few minutes upon contact with the active particles of the drug.

The aerosol contains two main chemical compounds that have a nerve effect on insects... They complement each other's action, increasing the effectiveness of the product.

IMPORTANT: One 600ml aerosol can is enough to treat an 80 square meter room.

The aerosol in the usual can is supplemented with a special nozzle. She simplifies access to the most secluded corners houses or apartments. Where you cannot reach without rearranging the furniture, you can apply Clean house using a nozzle.


Cockroach gel Clean house loses in comparison with aerosol, since it does not give an instant result. it good preventive action.

It is used for minor insect infestations. The gel allows create a kind of protective barrier around the entire perimeter of an apartment or house. No cockroach will survive after contact with the chemical.

Gel does not require eviction of people from the house... This shape is suitable for those who have children and pets. The additives in the product encourage cockroaches to try it. The insect does not die right away, but manages to infect all healthy relatives... Poisoned insects die after a day or two.

In addition, the activity of chemical elements in the composition of the gel valid for several more months... This means that any mustachioed parasite that wants to encroach on your territory will be defeated.


The composition of the Clean House powder is similar to the aerosol one. The only difference is concentration. It is less in powder.

Piperonyl butoxide - an additional component that enhances the effect of the poisonous composition.

The same connection makes the powder dangerous to humans... Accidental inhalation or swallowing is hazardous to health.

IMPORTANT: Judging by the reviews, the Clean House can be successfully used to get rid of mice and rats.


Chalk Clean house - this is a well-known, simple and economical tool. For the price it is the most affordable.

a piece of chalk odorless and is applied around the perimeter of the living space. The convenience of the tool is that they can also draw on vertical surfaces.


Traps - the safest to use from the line of Clean House products. The person does not come into contact with the chemical, and the cockroaches die, poisoning each other. There is no need to expect immediate results. The infected individual dies after three days. And the duration of the traps is two months.

Instructions for the use of different drugs

The schemes for using different forms of the Clean House are different, as are the tools themselves.

Home treatment with aerosol is carried out in rubber gloves and a respirator... You can wear a medical bandage. Many people ignore this point, believing that the aerosol is completely harmless. But it is not so. The chemical composition of the drug can cause poisoning if large quantities of insecticidal fumes are inhaled.

If you want to spray one time from a can on a running cockroach, you can do without precautions. But at the same time, you need to immediately ventilate the room. But when you are going to massively remove insects, you should not ignore the protective equipment.

When working with aerosol, we recommend adhering to the following recommendations:

  1. In home only man remainsthat does the processing.
  2. All food and utensils must be hidden or covered carefully.
  3. All suspected places of accumulation of insects are treated with an aerosol - skirting boards, crevices, areas under the sinks in the kitchen, behind the lockers and behind the stove, under the windowsills, behind the refrigerator.
  4. Ventilate the room in an hour after spraying the product.
  5. Carry out wet cleaning, but ignore those surfaces with whom the person does not contact.

IMPORTANT: Cockroaches love darkness, warmth and moisture. You need to look for them in the most secluded corners. They can even inhabit household appliances, especially those that get hot during operation.

With gel much less hassle... It is gently squeezed out of a tube or syringe, leaving dotted lines in areas of greatest insect habitat.

It is not necessary to apply the product to the floor. You can squeeze some gel onto cardboard and lay out peculiar traps where necessary..

Due to its thick consistency, the gel does not run off. This makes it possible apply it even on vertical surfaces, for example, on a wall along a doorway or window. Crayons are used according to the same principle. To avoid direct contact with the drug, work with it with rubber gloves.

Powder Clean Home Needs Care... You need to work with him in a bandage to prevent the poison from entering the body. The remedy is used in two ways:

  1. it is scattered in the corners, behind furniture, under the bedside tables and waiting for the result;
  2. the powder is diluted in water, and the finished solution is sprayed.

Prices and where to buy insecticide

You can buy Clean House products in specialized stores or order online.

  • Aerosol cans of different volumes are sold at a price from 150 rubles.
  • Gel products packaged in tubes or sold immediately in a syringe. Price varies from 60 rubles.
  • Chalk from cockroaches weighing 20 g will cost from 30 rubles.
  • Traps in the amount of 6 pieces per pack can be purchased at the price from 130 rubles.

The main advantage of all Clean House products is efficiency. The formula of the preparations is constantly being improved, which prevents insects from getting used to the active substances in the composition. A suitable new generation product is selected in accordance with the task at hand. Remove cockroaches urgently - this is the job of an aerosol. Processing the room without unnecessary hassle is possible with the help of gel, traps, crayons or powder. But the latter loses in terms of usability, although it is affordable.

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with other remedies for cockroaches: Dohlox, Executioner, Regent, Karbofos, Fas, Globol, Forsyth, Mashenka, Get, Kombat, Cucaracha, Raid, Raptor.

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