Forming a cucumber in a polycarbonate greenhouse: how to pinch and pinch correctly? Scheme and photo

Forming a cucumber in a polycarbonate greenhouse: how to pinch and pinch correctly? Scheme and photo

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To achieve a good harvest for everyone culture needs a definite Attention.

And without proper care, it is unlikely to be able to harvest a good harvest. Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse also has its own nuances.

The task of any gardener when growing cucumbers in a greenhouse is give direction to the growing bush and increase its productivity. This is called bush formation.


Cucumber whips shouldn't grow without corresponding leaving... And for this there is a number of reasons:

  1. In thickened plantings difficult for pollinating bees to reach... And insufficient pollination leads to a small number of ovaries.
  2. Strongly overgrown bushes are an excellent environment for the development of diseases and pests.
  3. The length of the lash is inversely proportional to the quantity and quality of the fruit, since all forces plants leave in the growth of shoots.
  4. In the greenhouse, it is important not to let the overgrown bushes block the plant from the sun's rays.

There are varieties of cucumbers that do not need pinching and pinching. Read about the rules for watering cucumbers in a greenhouse on our website.


Grazing cucumbers in greenhouse conditions do for, to channel all the forces plants in the main stem.

If this is not done, then with a large number of branches mutual blackout occurs and the plant begins to reach for the light even more and occupies a large area.

How to pinch cucumbers in a greenhouse? The pickling of cucumbers in the greenhouse takes place in several stages:

  1. In the lower part of the plant, you need to remove all lateral shoots and flower rudiments up to 3-5 leaves. This is done to fully ventilate the stem at the bottom and to avoid rotting of the lower part. Disease prevention occurs root rot.
  2. At a height of 70-100 cm from the surface of the ground, a couple of shoots are left, preventing them from growing longer than 20 cm. There should be 1-2 leaves.
  3. Height 130 cm.At this height, the lateral processes do not exceed 40 cm in length, and on them leave two or three sheets and the same number of ovaries.
  4. When the plant grows 150 cm, 4 leaves and 3-4 ovaries are left on each side shoot.
  5. When whips have grown to the top of the trellis, their should be tied up... The exception is the low ceiling of the greenhouse. In this case, the lash can be thrown down for its further growth. You should pinch it to stop development when 18–20 cm remains to the ground.

Particular attention should be paid to thinning of leaves and shoots at the very top of the trellis under the ceiling.

How to pinch cucumbers in the greenhouse correctly, see the picture below:

Formation of the main stem

The harvest can be extended by simple manipulations. After harvesting the fruit at the bottom remove all the leaves and stepsons. When the top of the whip has reached the top of the greenhouse, you can lower the cord on which the stem winds up to the height of the peeled stem.

After that, the cord is fixed again and now at the cucumbers there is room for further growth... In this way, you can get a crop up to frost.

How to form cucumbers in a greenhouse can be seen in the diagram below:

Pinching and trimming

  • all manipulations, such as pruning, pinching, leaf removal, are carried out in the early morning. This is done in order so that the plant can recover in a day.
  • given the very rapid growth of the cucumber, it must be remembered that at the beginning of the growth of the lash in the lower part, flower ovaries can form, which in fact do not bear fruit, but take away the strength from the main shoot. flower sinuses must be removed.
  • during actions performed in the greenhouse and when collecting fruits it is important not to change the direction of growth of the lashes and do not turn them in the opposite direction. As a result, leaves and whips may turn yellow;
  • mature plants need to remove yellowed and withered leaves.

It is important not to allow the escape, which has reached the top, to begin to trail along the top of the trellis, otherwise the whips will intertwine and form a dome.


How to pinch cucumbers in a greenhouse: step by step steps and photos.

  1. Only the beginning shoots are pinched, preventing overgrowth. The plant is severely injured if you pinch lashes longer than 20 cm.
  2. So that the wounds on the plant heal faster, need not be torn off leaves and shoots, and cut their sharp knife or with special scissors.
  3. If the plant has a lot of empty ovaries, do not remove them immediately. You just need to dry the earth, and then all substances will pass from these barren flowers into fruits.
  4. Leaves cut without leaving hemp, since it is they who are capable of causing such a disease as powdery mildew.
  5. When tying the whips, you need to be extremely careful so as not to accidentally pull out the plant by the root. As a rule, at this moment the seedlings are still quite young and have not taken root very well in the soil.
  6. Once or twice a week stem must be wrapped clockwise around the cord. When doing this, be careful, as he fragile enough to crack easily.

On the plant, antennae, damaged cucumbers and male inflorescences must be removed in a timely manner. The antennae take up almost all the nutrients and energy, preventing the plant from developing.

These are general guidelines and rules generally applicable to the main varieties of greenhouse cucumbers. But each variety has its own characteristics garters and pinching. And the formation of a cucumber bush in a greenhouse must be carried out based on the characteristics of certain species. Also on our website you can find out how to form pepper bushes in greenhouse conditions.

Video about the formation of a cucumber bush in a greenhouse:

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