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Planting in peat tablets is an ideal option for growing pepper seedlings.

This method eliminates the risk of damage to the delicate roots of this capricious culture during transplantation, which means that it makes it possible to get strong and healthy plants and, as a result, a large harvest.

We select peat tablets for pepper

Sowing tablets - discs pressed from various types of peat. For planting peppers, you should choose discs made of peat of low acidity.

Sour Peat Specimens intended for flower crops, and it is not recommended to plant vegetable seedlings in them.

IMPORTANT. When choosing, give preference to tablets in a package containing as much information as possible to be sure of their composition.

From above, each tablet is covered with a special paper mesh impregnated with a fungicide. It helps to maintain the shape of the disc while it is moistened and to protect the seeds from fungal infections.

In addition to peat in the composition of the discs includes trace elements and growth stimulants.

Tablets are suitable for planting pepper maximum diameter 70 mm... The peat creates ideal conditions for growing pepper seedlings. Substrate, in which the root system is placed, maximally breathable and wherein it has enough nutrients.

ADVICE. Avoid buying too cheap peat tablets. They are not placed in the forming mesh and, when used, will simply crumble and lose their shape. Do not take tablets for pepper, which, in addition to peat, contain coconut fiber, they dry out too quickly and the roots suffer from a lack of moisture.

When to sow pepper

Unlike planting in soilrecommended for peppers in February, sown in peat tablets can be postponed until March(from the 1st to the 10th).

Pepper will develop in them faster, because you will not need to dive it.

And the amount of trace elements will help them gain strength.

Seed preparation rules

The process of preparing pepper seeds for sowing in peat tablets is carried out in the same way as for ordinary sowing in the ground.

  1. The seeds are etched in a solution of potassium permanganate for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Then they are washed and placed in a damp cloth for 6-7 days.
  3. Germination should take place at a temperature of 25-26 degrees.

During the germination process, the fabric must be regularly moistened so that the seeds inside do not dry out.

Cooking pills

For sowing, peat tablets are placed on a pallet so that the seed pits are on top. The number of tablets is selected based on one piece per seed.

You can use a plastic cake box after sowing it can be covered with a lid from the box and you will solve the problem of creating greenhouse conditions.

Currently, special deep pallets with special recesses for placing peat tablets in them have appeared on sale. These cassette containers are ideal for tablets., and inside them the peat is evenly filled with moisture and does not dry out during the germination of seeds.

In addition, such special containers in most cases are equipped with special, ideally sized lids. This immediately solves the problem of creating greenhouse conditions for germination..

Surface of tablets begin to gradually moisturize... This should be done for about half an hour hours... Water is added gradually as it is absorbed into the peat discs. The pills will gradually increase in height, their diameter will not change significantly.

Moistening should be done with lukewarm water.... Cold liquid will slowly absorb, while too hot liquid can destroy the forming mesh and the soil will crumble. For disinfection, you can add a small amount of potassium permanganate to the water.

IMPORTANT. Do not suddenly fill the tray with water - this will not distribute the nutrients over the tablet, but will merge with the water.

How to plant seeds

The seeds that have hatched are laid out in the wells of the tablets.

If their depth is not enough, press the holes with a blunt object.

Experienced gardener recommend put two seeds in each hole, since some may not germinate.

If two sprouts sprout in some tablets, the one that needs to be removed weaker.

ADVICE. It is better not to pull out the excess sprout from the soil, but simply cut it off at the soil level. Pulling out an unnecessary copy, you can damage the roots remaining in the tablet.

By placing the seeds in a pill, sprinkle them on top with a layer of soil thus, so that the surface of the fossa is equal to the main. There is no need to water the sown seeds, since the tablets are sufficiently saturated with moisture.

Crops covered with a transparent cap to create greenhouse conditions and put in a warm (22-25 degrees) and bright place.

IMPORTANT. Make sure that the direct rays of the sun do not fall on the crops. Under such conditions, a greenhouse effect will be created and the seeds will weld and die.

In the process of germination the lid is periodically opened for ventilation... Also, do not allow condensation to accumulate on the surface by wiping it with a napkin.

Seedlings in tablets will appear in 7-10 days... Remove the cap immediately after the first sprouts appear. The temperature is lowered for 3-4 days to 17-18 degrees.

For further growth, you need to choose a place with maximum illumination and a temperature of 24-25 degrees... At night, the temperature should be no higher than 15 degrees, which helps to harden the plants. In the same time do not let the temperature drop below 12 degreesotherwise they will begin to die.

Planting care

Caring for peppers grown in peat tablets consists of sprinkling with warm, settled water. Don't water your seedlings too often.... You can determine the watering time by the state of the tablets. As soon as they slightly decrease in size, they need to be moisturized.... Water is not poured onto the surface of the tablets, but into the tray.

Do not add too much water when watering. The excess will not be absorbed into the peat, and water will stagnate and interfere with root respiration... Excessive moisture can cause the roots of pepper to develop a fungal disease "Blackleg". Drain any unabsorbed water immediately from the drip tray.

You do not need to feed peppers in peat tablets, since the content of nutrients in them is quite enough for the entire period of plant development.

The best place to put pepper is east or west windows. In the northern he will not enough light, and in the southerntoo high temperaturewhich pepper doesn't like. In damp and cloudy weather, seedlings need illumination with special or fluorescent lamps.

IMPORTANT. The distance from the lamp to the crown of the plants should be at least 15 cm.

Pepper growing process

As soon as the sprouts form 3-4 real leaves, their planted in pots for further growing. The roots that appear from the bottom of the tablet also serve as a signal for immediate transplantation..

Convenient to use for planting cardboard packages of dairy products or juices... When planting pepper in the ground, such containers can be easily cut without damaging the roots, and plant pepper along with a clod of earth to a permanent place.

The volume of the pot must be large enoughso that the roots have enough room to develop. If you place the sprout in a small container, the roots, having reached the edge, will go in the opposite direction and the growth of the bush will slow down due to entanglement.

When planting such an instance in a permanent place, the development of the plant will begin only after the tangled roots die off and new ones grow in their place... This will significantly slow down the formation of fruits on the pepper.

ATTENTION. Do not use clear plastic bottles for planting pots. The roots of the plant must be in opaque containers, otherwise their development will slow down.

Pots or boxes must have drainage holes to remove excess liquid when watering. The containers are covered with a small amount of soil, then the sprout is placed inside along with the peat tablet in which it is located. The tablet is positioned in such a way so that its surface in height is slightly below the edge of the pot... The roots sticking out from the bottom of the tablet are evenly distributed over the soil surface.

IMPORTANT. Remove the forming mesh from the tablet before placing it in the pot.

The remaining space is filled with soil, tamp it with a light tap on the edges of the container. The planted sprout is watered. Next watering planted shoots should be produced in 5-7 dayswhen the roots of the pepper adapt to the new soil.

The soil for planting is selected special for peppers and tomatoes. Independently, the substrate for planting is prepared from humus, peat, turf and sand in equal amounts. For five liters of mixture add a tablespoon of mineral fertilizer and half a glass of ash.

In the process of growing, I turn the pots in different directions towards the window. If this is not done, the development of the shoots will be uneven.

If you plan to grow peppers in a greenhouse, you can plant the seedlings in peat tablets right away in a permanent place, without first growing them in pots.

Growing pepper in peat tablets gives excellent results. They produce strong, healthy plants that can be planted in the ground without injuring the root system.

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