Black ant - feature, harm and control methods

Black ant - feature, harm and control methods

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Black ants are frequent residents of garden plots, but can also be found in simple city apartments. By themselves, they are not harmful, however, in the course of their lives they are engaged in breeding and growing aphids, the secretions of which they feed on.

As a result, all garden and indoor plants can be covered with this small sucking insect, and not only the ants themselves, but also this pest will have to be removed.

Black house ants

Black ants are the most common species of these insects in the European part of the country. They live in a large colony, headed by a queen-queen. The well-being and expansion of the anthill largely depends on it.

Appearance and lifestyle

Black ants get their name from the characteristic color of their body, legs and head. Each nest, as a rule, is inhabited by three types of insects - workers, males and a queen. Most of the population is made up of worker ants who collect food, grow aphids, lay eggs and much more. Occupation determines the size of the ant. The largest in the settlement is the uterus - it can reach 1 cm in length, the chest and abdomen are much larger than in other individuals. Male size - up to 5.5 mm, females - up to 4.5 mm, workers - up to 5 mm. In addition, young females can also be identified by the presence of wings.

REFERENCE! Black small ants live where there is aphid. They do not feed on plants or food leftovers - their main dish is sweet padya, aphid secretions.

In this case, ants can reproduce it, gradually settling it in neighboring trees or house plants. The uterus has the greatest life expectancy - up to 28 years.

Males are needed only for the females' flight period - in July-August of each year. After mating, they are killed by their own brethren. After fertilization, the female flies awayto start your own anthill and become a queen.

There may be several of them in the colony, but only for the period of the initial construction of the nest, when there is a need for a large number of workers. As soon as such a need disappears, the queen is left alone again.

Benefit and harm

Black small ants are not predators and do not participate in the destruction of various insects in the garden. Rather, on the contrary, they contribute to the spread of such a very unpleasant pest, such as aphids. The latter sucks the juice from the leaves and shoots of plants, thereby leading them to drying out and death.

The ants feed on the sweet secretions of aphids that appear when the insect tickles. As a result, as the number of ants increases, they need more and more "cash cows".

IMPORTANT! Spraying plants from aphids is practically useless - the ants will transfer the "pasture" to another, or after a while they will drive new pests to the same place.

In addition, when building new anthills, they can place it on the lawn, under trees or garden paths, thereby inadvertently making changes to the created landscape design.

How to get rid of black ants in a house or apartment?

Fighting black ants can be done in various ways, with the use of chemicals or folk remedies. However, it is important to understand that it makes no sense to destroy all running insect workers, because the uterus will quickly restore their numbers after a while. You must either find and destroy the queen, or move her to another location.

Chemical agents act on the principle of the penetration of poison into the insect's body. This includes various aerosols, pencils (crayons), powders.

The developed devices, the operation of which is based on a magnetic or ultrasonic method, have shown their uselessness - they are not able to create a signal of such strength that can have a deterrent effect on ants.

Small black ants - This is the most common type of insect, which most often settles in vegetable gardens and personal plots. It itself does not have a negative effect on the soil and vegetation, but it actively breeds aphids, which feed on juices from flowers and plants. The fight against ants must be carried out in a cardinal way - by destroying the nest and destroying the uterus, or by using a variety of chemicals.

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