The beets

The beets

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The beets:

Beets are easy to grow leaf plants; most of the varieties withstand the cold, and can be grown as annuals, but with the passage of time the leaves become increasingly more coriaceous, so it is advisable to periodically renew the chard field, or to collect the whole heads by cutting them at the root.
Prepare a well-enriched flowerbed with manure, and lighten it with sand if necessary.
It is possible to proceed by sowing the beets by spreading them, which will be thinned out drastically as soon as they have produced some leaves; more often small plants that are fairly developed are placed directly at home.
Place the future heads of beets at least 25-35 cm both between the plants, and between the rows, taking care to leave as much space as possible, so as to be able over time to weed the soil between the tufts; in this way the flowerbed can be easily cleaned of weeds.