Garden plum: simple, tasty, necessary, healthy

Garden plum: simple, tasty, necessary, healthy

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Many people have such a simple tree as a plum in their garden. People have been growing it for a long time.

We love to have a snack with this sweet berry in the hot summer season, we know that it is useful, but we rarely think about what exactly.

Although the most prized are Hungarian and European plums, all of them have an amazing array of beneficial medicinal properties.

The beneficial substances of the plum

Plum, like an apple, contains such substances as sugar (up to 20%), citric and malic acids (0.9%), vitamins B, C, P. Also, this berry in its warehouse and carotene, pectins.

Minerals include copper, iron, cobalt, manganese, potassium, calcium, tannins and iodine. Up to 30-40% of fatty oil is contained in the seeds, and vitamin C is in the leaves.

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Planting and caring for plums

The best time to plant a plum is in the spring, 3-5 days after the soil has completely thawed. Planting lasts 10-15 days.

It is required that the seedlings have a grafting site with a height of at least 5 cm above the soil surface.

After the seedlings are planted, they need watering. One tree requires 20-30 liters of water.

If necessary, re-watering is carried out at the same rate. The soil must contain natural lawn, or be artificially tinned.

If you are creating a natural lawn, then after planting the garden, the soil must be leveled in the aisles, which is done with a cultivator.

Weeds, when they appear, are mowed. And in the future, this is done for every 10-15 centimeters of grass stand. The chopped grass cuttings are left in place.

Pest control

Periodic inspection of the garden's neighborhoods will help determine the presence of tree diseases and the appearance of pests. In the process, a record of beneficial and harmful insects is made.

The dynamics of the development of harmful organisms must be monitored. This will help make forecasts for their development. You can also match the condition of your garden to the one that is required.

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Plum care in autumn

For mature trees, the trunks should be whitewashed in autumn. And those young trees that do not tolerate frost must be whitewashed on skeletal branches.

Severe frosts will then not be able to affect the trees so strongly. You can use insulating material to preserve young trees.

We need plastic wrap and burlap. First, wrap the bases of the trees with burlap, and then - 25-30 cm high with foil.

In the upper part of the film, apply an insulating tape in such a way that moisture does not get under the insulation material. From below, spud the trunk with manure.

In addition, digging the soil under the trees is important in the fall. This should be done when the leaves have fallen. We apply fertilizer at a distance of one meter from the trunk of the trees. After that, we need to dig up the site. Digging depth - ten centimeters. Fertilization is allowed in the second year of plum growth.

What will plum cure?

The delicate unique smell and taste of plum fruits is not all that this berry can give us. A huge therapeutic set of substances awaits us. It is best to eat these fruits not only in the summer, but also to make a reserve for the winter. Then you will provide yourself with a supply of essential trace elements and vitamins.

All of them are necessary for the vital activity of the body. Proteins and carbohydrates in different quantities and free organic acids are contained in it. Plum is especially rich in vitamin P.

Its main merit is in lowering blood pressure. It also strengthens blood vessels. And even when processing plums, this vitamin will be perfectly preserved.

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Plums in folk medicine

Plums are popularly used to treat rheumatism, kidney and liver diseases. Plum flowers will produce a laxative effect. They can be used if metabolism is impaired.

The mild laxative effect of the plum is the reason that the plum is recommended for those who suffer from constipation, because the pectin substances contained in the plum do not allow the putrefactive processes to develop further.

If a person is sick with diabetes, then consuming large amounts of plums can be harmful. After all, do not forget that plum juice has a large amount of sugars.

With gout, you need to be especially careful with plum juice. Indeed, the human body should have enough fluid, because cream juice helps to remove excess water.

Why are plum leaves useful?

Not only berries, but also plum leaves carry useful substances. Fresh or dry steamed plum leaves are used to heal wounds. You just need to apply them to the suppuration.

You can also lubricate the wounds with a decoction of plum leaves. Plum has nutrients. She is also a good disinfectant. Many nourishing creams and masks are based on plum oil.

Plum is quickly absorbed by the stomach, cleanses the blood. And dried plums bring down the heat.

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