Growing asters. How to achieve continuous flowering throughout the summer season

Growing asters. How to achieve continuous flowering throughout the summer season

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Astra is deservedly popular not only among amateur flower growers, but also among those who are engaged in the cultivation and cultivation of flowers professionally.

The buds look great both in bouquets and in complex floristic compositions with several components.

Caring for asters

Watering should be daily on hot sunny days, and in stable cloudy weather, its frequency should be reduced to once every 7 days. Within two weeks from the moment the seedlings are placed in the ground, it is imperative to loosen the soil around each bush to a depth of 3 cm.

The first hilling with the introduction of organic fertilizers and nitroammophoska is carried out 16-17 days after planting.

At the same time, the depth of loosening increases to 12 cm. The second stage of feeding is carried out after 11-12 days by spraying the leaves with a 0.05% aqueous solution of microelements. When the aster forms the first buds, a third liquid top dressing is carried out - nitroammophoska is introduced into the soil at the rate of 45 g per bucket of water per sq. meter.

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Asters. Growing from seeds

To ensure flowering throughout the season, sowing should be carried out in several stages into the soil mixture prepared from last summer. The components of the substrate are: humus, garden soil, peat and river sand in a ratio of 2: 2: 2: 1.

All components must be thoroughly mixed and left until spring. Already immediately before sowing, the harvested soil must be steamed and a glass of ash and a tablespoon of nitroammophoska must be added to one bucket of soil.

Sowing asters

In addition to preparing the soil, you should first prepare the seeds. About two days before planting, they must be placed in an aqueous 0.05% solution with any mineral fertilizer.

The algorithm of the sowing process itself is quite simple: the earthen substrate poured into the box needs to be lightly tamped by hand, and then the prepared seeds should be evenly distributed over its surface.

Watering must be done very carefully so as not to break the ground. Better to pass the water through a fine sieve. Then cover the sown area with a layer of river sand, which should be removed as soon as shoots become visible.

During this period, young seedlings really need a lot of daylight, so you will need to move the box to a room that meets this requirement.

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As soon as the seedlings "cross" (four real leaves appear), it's time to plant them in separate containers with prepared soil. During this period, all work will consist in periodic loosening, harvesting weed shoots, and ensuring irrigation.

The main thing here is not to overdo it in order to avoid black leg disease.

Seedlings in a greenhouse

Boxes with seedlings can be transferred to the heifer as early as April. Simultaneously with these works, another sowing of a new batch of seeds can be carried out. The greenhouse should have a stable temperature, in the range from +13 to +17 degrees.

Planting seedlings in open ground

As for planting aster seedlings in open ground, this should be done in early May. Seedling layout 15 x 45 cm (15 cm between flowers in a row and 45 cm between rows).

Planting must be completed with abundant watering and pouring dry soil around each bush. This will prevent soil compaction and crust formation.

Seed preparation

If you follow all the simple rules of planting and care, you can achieve a high percentage of seed germination obtained from your plants.

When the flower petals begin to fade, and a fluff appears in the center, the inflorescences must be torn off and dried in a paper bag. It must be remembered that seed germination decreases by 50% after two years.

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