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Question: orchids

good morning I would like some advice for my orchids ... why is it that some leaves dry at the tip? thanks…

Answer: orchids

Gentile Marinella,
often the dry foliage tips in orchids indicate some error in watering; this behavior can indistinctly denote excess water or lack of humidity. So I remind you that many species of orchids need good environmental humidity, but they do not like having the root system immersed in water for many hours. The best method for watering the orchids is to immerse the entire vase in water, until all the substrate is well moistened; then let the pot drain and put the plant back in its place. In winter this operation is practiced about once a week, even less: every time you decide to water, check that the substrate is not already damp, in which case it refers. The foliage also periodically vaporises, as the climate in the house is very dry.