Greenhouse balcony

Greenhouse balcony

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Question: balcony greenhouse

good morning,
I built on my balcony a small greenhouse in galvanized iron and polycarbonate (1cm) dimensions 2.20 x 1.20 H 2.30 with a full-height little door with 2 doors (40 + 40).
No air intakes were provided but only the possibility of opening the doors. I was wondering if a constant air intake is needed (clearly to be used in winter only during the day on sunny days) or not necessary. I would have the possibility to open one or two small windows of the size of about 1 meter the one H 30cm. It is advisable? It's too much?
Thank you for a suggestion,
best regards
Michela Ricci

Greenhouse balcony: Answer: balcony greenhouse

Dear Michela,
surely on sunny days the climate in your greenhouse can become asphyxiating for your plants, openings are definitely necessary, to make the air circulate well in the hottest days, and to avoid the presence in the greenhouse of many parasites that love the still air.
If you can, then at least one window will allow you to do it, even simply 50x30 cm.