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Question: Flushing

Good morning.
I have a part of the garden, about 50 MC, so small but close to the house, very steep and under some trees. I tried in various ways but to no avail to get it.
Since every rain creates an annoying leaching of the ground, I wanted to definitively resolve the thing.
I was thinking of wrapping it with Hedera Helix.
I live in a temperate climate, province of Treviso.
- Can it go well?
- Blocks the washing of the land?
-Do you need to prune?
-What distance between them should be planted?
- Better time for the plant?
-Do they require so much watering?
-Is it fast growing?
-Are there any more suitable plants?

Answer: Dilution

Dear Gianmatteo
surely the ivy can be a plant suitable for covering your slope, in a peremptory way and with an evergreen; usually the ivy does not require great care, you can plant it at the end of winter, when the climate is humid, and it will be watered only during the rooting period, and occasionally in the case of drought in the first years after the plant. The ivy actually tends to develop a lot, and so over the years you will have to contain it, try to choose dwarf varieties, with small leaves.
If you want, other ground cover plants are available, which are well suited to your purpose: potentilla fruticosa, lonicera pileata, vinca minor, cotoneaster and creeping juniper, hypericum, ceratostigma.
Some of these plants, besides covering the soil well, and defending it from future erosions, also produce decorative flowers.
If the ground were to be really very steep, perhaps it would be appropriate to place above it special jute mats, which are used to keep the ground in position, even during the rains. After positioning the jute, you can practice the holes for the plants, cutting the jute where necessary. Over time, the jute will cover itself, or in any case it will be hidden by the branches of the ground cover.