Fotinia yellowish leaves

Fotinia yellowish leaves

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fhotigna the leaves turned yellowish

Fotinia yellowish leaves: Answer: information

GEntile Massimo,
the yellowing of the leaves of an evergreen plant can be due to some different causes.
It could be excessive watering, if these plants find the soil always soaked with water, they can be easy prey to radical, very harmful rots. I remind you that even for evergreen plants, it is not necessary to water during the cold months; in practice it is colder and less water is desired.
It could also be an excess of nitrogenous fertilizers, or vice versa of a lack of fertilizer, and above all of microelements.
If you have fertilized the plants recently, remember that you have exceeded, and suspend any other fertilization until spring; if, on the other hand, the plants are not fertilized for a long time, try to spread around the plant a little slow-release granular fertilizer.