DIY garden ideas

DIY garden ideas

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DIY garden ideas

If you own a house, a farmhouse or a hotel and you are lucky enough to have a free space of land at your disposal, the best idea to use it is to turn it into a beautiful garden. If this idea is right for you, but you don't have much money to spend on a gardener, or you want to try your hand at the beautiful art of gardening, here are some beautiful ideas that are right for you! The do-it-yourself garden consists of creating from scratch, or re-adapting, a garden that perfectly reflects your needs and tastes, but without having to spend so much money on a gardener or a garden designer. What you need is a little free time, a small budget, lots of imagination and creativity!
To furnish a garden you will surely have to take into account the arrangement of flowers and plants, but also another aspect: garden furniture, such as wooden tables, chairs, gazebos and wooden houses for tools. All these elements, if made in wood, can also be built with your hands using recycled materials, such as wooden crates for fruit or plywood that you might already have at home or buy from a carpenter or in DIY stores at a very low price . An original idea to add could be to dedicate a corner of your garden to obtain a small vegetable garden with fruit or vegetables in season at no cost; in fact it will be enough for you to get the seeds of what you want to cultivate and then let nature take its course and give you everything you need. Also with regard to flowers and plants you can choose to opt for an evergreen garden or a seasonal garden by changing flowers and plants in rotation. Remember that many of them can also give you beautiful fruits. Here are some main ideas that you could follow if you wish to take this path.

Evergreen plants

If you want your garden to be flowery and rich in life in all seasons you will surely have to choose evergreen plants and trees, as most of them are suitable for almost all types of Italian climate. The evergreen plants par excellence are pines or cypresses, you could certainly use them if you have enough space. Here are other plants that will fill you with colors and fragrances all year round: first of all, Lewisia, a very rich flowering plant whose rosettes, developed by the mother plant and transplanted, form new plants; the well-known Pervinca, which in summer is adorned with beautiful lilac flowers, let's not forget the Lavender which also diffuses a very good perfume, it grows better if placed in the sun; a perfect plant is the Sempervivum Tectorum, a succulent plant that resists both summer heat and winter frost, ideal in rock gardens.

Garden and seasonal vegetable garden

If you prefer to have a change of flowers for each season of the year, you must take into account that it will be slightly more expensive, both from an economic point of view and in terms of time and energy used, as every season you will have to buy or buy the seeds to plant. Here are some typical flowers of each season. For a blaze of color in spring they are advisable: the Cineraria, a plant with flowers similar to colored daisies; the famous glass flowers; the Geraniums and the Begonias. In summer you can decorate your garden with the beautiful Lion's mouth, the Hibiscus, the Echinacea and the Calendula. To make sure that even in winter the garden remains colorful, plant the Camellia, Erica, Cyclamen and Chrysanthemums; but above all, at Christmas time, the Holly and the Christmas Stars.
As for your vegetable garden, in the spring plant beets, carrots, cabbage, salad and spinach; summer is the season for onions, green beans and tomatoes; in autumn and winter leeks and broccoli. If, on the other hand, you want to cultivate something throughout the year, choose: beets, carrots and especially potatoes!

DIY planter

If you prefer to plant flowers inside a planter rather than directly in the grass, also to better control their growth, but you want to reduce costs to a minimum, a DIY planter is just for you. Realizing it is very simple: you only need a few fruit crates, a microperforated sheet (which you could possibly also use for a small vegetable garden), earth and outdoor impregnating. With the sandpaper clean the fruit box well, give a coat of impregnator both inside and outside of it, if necessary paint it with colored paint, fix the microperforated sheet inside, fill the box with earth and plant the flowers or seeds you prefer. And so, with a few simple steps, you have created beautiful planters!
Similar procedures can also be used to construct outdoor tables, benches or small stools.

Zen garden

Lately, other types of garden are becoming increasingly known, such as the Zen and the rocky ones. Among the garden ideas, this style could give you great satisfaction! The Zen garden consists of an area dedicated to relaxation and spiritual meditation; to make it, choose an area of ​​your garden, possibly the most calm, delimit it with stones or bamboo canes, fill it with sand, if necessary cover the bottom with a plastic sheet first, then put some stones inside, bearing in mind that their arrangement should not be random, but guided by your reflection. The stones in fact represent the islands and the sand the sea.