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Wooden gazebos

Wooden gazebos

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Wooden gazebos

With the arrival of the warm season we are driven to live outdoors, enjoying the warmth of the days and the coolness of our gardens, perhaps sitting comfortably in the shelter of our wooden gazebo. Wherever you are in the world, the summer season frees us from the weight of winter clothes, the use of heavy footwear and socks and the dullness of the electric lights in our homes. Finally the sunlight envelops us and frees us from the sense of oppression due to the rigid, cold and gray winter season. Slowly we regain our outdoor spaces and if you are lucky enough to have a small green corner, we will customize it with furnishings that make it more welcoming and relaxing, for example by installing a wooden gazebo. It is a self-supporting structure, which can have several shapes: hexagonal, octagonal, depending on the space available and in any case covered by a pavilion. In our garden we will be able to welcome friends for a barbecue under the wooden gazebo, ensuring shelter from the sun and allowing you to spend carefree hours outdoors. Our green space, thanks to it will become a place of refreshment, a safe outdoor shelter where you can relax.

Why choose a wooden gazebo

Several realizations of this comfortable refuge exist on the market. In fact it is made with materials of all types: metal, plastic, steel and masonry. The wooden structure, however, remains the one that aesthetically represents the best and classic choice for outdoor furnishings, preserving that touch of romanticism of other times. The choice of wood is decisive for the aesthetics and quality of the final result and above all for its durability. In order to guarantee the durability of your wooden gazebo, it will be enough to request that the structure be finished with a primer treatment with an anti-mold impregnating agent and a colorless U.V. The roof covering can be matched or with a PVC sheet to make the shape more pleasant and relaxing.

Where to place your wooden gazebo

It is important that your garden is intended as a place of refreshment, of relaxation and that it is represented by a fundamental element such as the gazebo. This place is also important to become your refuge where you can relax and spend pleasant afternoons listening to music, reading or chatting with friends. The location of the structure is crucial to the success of the installation and also represents a decisive value for the harmony of your green space. The choice of the exact point where to place it will have to be balanced, with a careful evaluation of the dimensions of what you want to achieve and the relationship between volume and height will have to find a balanced context between the built parts. Choosing the wrong place could invalidate the final result, with a well-constructed structure, but in dissonance with the rest of the furnishings. It is useful that you let yourself be guided by your instinct and love for life in the open air.

Which woods to use

For the construction of our gazebos, pine and fir wood, combined with laminated wood, will be the ideal choice to ensure robustness and quality. The Tek is a very popular variant, with a characteristic honey-colored and South-East Asian origin. It has the advantage of being very resistant to atmospheric agents thanks to its particular resin. The other two woods must instead be treated with non-toxic substances that guarantee resistance and duration to the attack of atmospheric agents such as sun or rain and also from the aggression of insects such as moths. to personalize your gazebo you can also install various types of side grilles or mobile curtains to create an even more intimate and cozy corner. At the side grilles we will be able to cling to climbing plants that will increase the romantic and classic look of other times, also protecting from the wind and the sun on hot summer days. The hardware must be compulsorily hot-dip galvanized to prevent rust from being attacked.

A bit of history

The wooden gazebo has its origins in the kinship with the very useful shelter. It is also an external structure with the function
to protect people, in parks and gardens from heat, sun and rain. Its use in the tradition of the Anglo-Saxon cities is extended to the whole of Europe and to the rest of the world. The gazebo replaces inside the living space and in the gardens, the use of the shelter, leaving it at the service of road works and urban planning. The initial shape is that of a square, with a pitched roof. The wood used was among the heaviest on the market. From gardens to parks, from terraces to balconies, the gazebo increasingly began to furnish our spaces outside.
Values ​​rediscovered of conviviality thanks to the gazebo.
Lately it has been revalued a lot, perhaps because the pleasure of informally but comfortably entertaining friends and guests in the shelter of this structure has been rediscovered. It is still an essential element in furnishing outdoor spaces. It has also become a corner where the family seeks and finds serenity and relaxation. Style, sophistication and personal taste for your corner of paradise in the garden are not only a particular and important element for creating a harmoniously furnished environment, but also the ideal action to spend happy hours alone or in company.