Floral decorations

Floral decorations

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Floral decorations

When we think of floral decorations, the thought runs straight to the wedding ceremony, a real test for ornamental excellence. In reality many other places, convivial or commercial, require equally commitment and skill in the realization of exciting scenographies. We certainly remember the splendid historic frames of villas and gardens, salons for receptions or fairs in which a "floral designer" has cleverly created harmonies of colors, balance of forms, suggestions of light with elegant fantasy, for indelible moments.


Since ancient times man has understood the existence of a relationship between colors and well-being. Today the influence of colors on emotional balance is scientifically proven, so the green light for choosing to live positive emotions. Flowers help us, they are the feast of nature par excellence; in their innumerable varieties they are a triumph of joy and, thanks to the evocative value of their color, they allow us to give emotions. So say it with a flower! Their language is delicate, elegant, implied and at the same time understandable and explicit because of its pure sincerity. These qualities make the flowers suitable for every occasion: a birthday or an anniversary, a favor received or a promotion are valid opportunities to honor the happiness that lives in these relationships. Yes, because this is precisely the function of the flower: accompanying, underlining, framing, filling, decorating, refining or harmonizing exactly that idea, that commercial message, that anniversary or simply that environment prepared with care and decorative professionalism.


The heady scent of flowers attracts more and more lovers of the gentle gift of the earth, motivating the growing number of nursery gardeners who every year participate in the various trade fair events distributed on our peninsula. In fact, there are numerous international festivals, competitions, events and events dedicated to floral creativity, which have attracted the attention of thousands of visitors and aspiring "green thumbs" by having them meet with the most experienced artists in floral design. On these occasions we often show off to the new selected species that are held in baptism at these events, with the destiny of tracing the guidelines of floral fashion. New trends in decorative art make their way even among flowers. Clearly influenced by the seasons, in their presentation there is always some little news, a sign of the evolution of tastes and customs or of frequent requests outside the catalog. For example, do we want to talk about a preview of the bridal bouquet for the 2013 trend? It is soon said! The undecided on the color of the flowers will be satisfied with the "rainbow" bouquet, with bright colors and a rather irregular shape, due to the different types of flowers used. Satisfaction also for the refined who find in the bouquet "degradŠ¹" flowers with degrading shades of the same color. Finally, for the classic taste, fashion imposes the "single color" bouquet made of roses with bright colors, orchids or daisies embellished by the fantasy of the florist. Instead, the novelty introduced last year of the doubling of the bouquet will continue. Brides will have two compositions at their disposal: one to be launched for the happiness of the new candidates and the other with which to enjoy the limelight throughout the big day. Among the floral species of great scenic impact and low cost sprout the hydrangeas in their different chromatic varieties. The newest variety seems to dedicate a well-wishing tribute to the spouses for the shape of the heart of its double petals! The decorations are also confirmed with colored sticks, rough branches of cherry, berries and miniature fruit, packaged in an original way with accessories, furnishing accessories or special tools, in spectacular effect compositions.


New challenges for interior decoration, art, costume and avant-garde to be reproduced even in floral compositions are, so to speak, a "wedding invitation" for the floral designer. Every year new ideas and decorative complements are added that highlight the moment and create the right harmonies for each event. The purpose, it is good to remember, is to awaken the silent state of our emotions. So now, as the new spring is preparing, the "flower artists" plan the look of the upcoming outdoor receptions, parks and gardens, refreshments and ceremonies, commercial spaces to remember, but also of the environments of elite of the best salons and trendy places, with atmospheres that smell of renewal. Because the flower does not only rhyme with the heart but also with color! And it is precisely the color, together with the luminous effects, that make the rooms unique, proud to be seen. Among the varieties with intense shades, the large hydrangea is preferred but surely the small buttercups or daisies offer delicate ideas for the decorations. Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, violets and lilies of the valley expand their aromas in the ceremonies. The art then plays on the warm and winter essence of pomegranates, chestnut curls, twisted branches of cherry, berries and wild roses, white Christmas stars and fascinating crosses with small citrus fruits.


When art meets technology, the results are truly impressive. Imagine how to relax in a breath of health in our green oasis with floral scents: a dream that can be realized even in the city, at tens of meters high, on the top of skyscrapers or old buildings. We are talking about hanging gardens, which make floral decoration an antidote against the degrading impact of cement, so that our terraces are ornamental complements to our homes. And, thinking vertically, the new botanical trends also land in the street furniture with the "Living Walls" or Green Walls that owe their success to the great aesthetic impact of polychromatic blooms and patterns.