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Villas and gardens

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Once your villa is finished, the builder who will have done both the plumbing and the electrical system has completed its task. Now you have to decide how to create the garden. You can decide if you want a completely grassy mantle or if you want a lawn with flowery corners or fruit plants. You could do it yourself if you are an expert in gardening but it is always more convenient to contact a competent person. In this case it takes an experienced nurseryman who will come to your home for advice. This professional will check the soil with appropriate PH gauges and only after having made a precise diagnosis of its composition will he be able to advise you on which plants to plant. The same company will then provide for the planting of trees and flowering plants or to form flower beds in the points that you will indicate. If the villa has enough space, you can also opt for a small vegetable garden that you can form behind the rear of the villa. Once again, the nurseryman will take care of recommending seeds and vegetables according to the composition of the soil. Do not forget to leave some areas free where you will place a gazebo, a garden kitchen with grill for your evenings outside and possibly a fountain. Also leave some free spaces to set up the tool shed, the benches and a small playground for your children. Place the plants, where you know that there is not an excessive passage of people otherwise they could be ruined. Any fruit trees, will be located along the paths that you are going to build with slabs. Naturally it will be the competence of the nurseryman to inform you if those trees will be placed right in that area and if with the passage of time, the roots will not risk raising the and gardens: What to do if you want to buy a house with a garden

If you do not own any piece of land and want to buy a new or used villa, check that the house in question is properly registered in the land register and there are no practices for the building amnesty in progress ... Take information on planning rules, accommodation projects or change the garden and make sure of taxes and fees on the villa. If you buy from a private individual, do not finish too quickly, but consider the deal very carefully. If you contact an agency, analyze well the written agreement that you will sign to avoid unpleasant inconveniences at the time of purchase. Check the commercial seriousness of the agency and never give money in advance at least not before having signed a regular compromise ... You demand to see the written mandate from the owner and also the percentage of the agency, will be put in writing. Never pay in cash but always by check so that there is always a traceability. For other suggestions, please contact a notary where you will go to draw up the deed. To the expenses for the purchase of the villa, other unavoidable expenses will be added such as notary fees. There are in fact expenses related to the transfer of the property and registration fees. The latter vary greatly depending on whether the house is the first purchased or not, if it is old or new, if bought directly from the builder or from the owner ... The notary fee then varies from 8% to 15% of the declared value of the property. Then there are the expenses due to the intermediary agency and any arrangements and renovations of the villa. E. Calculate your income, net salary by adding any pensions, annuities and other income. From the total you deduct ongoing reimbursements, any installments and monthly expenses. Opt for the financial loan that is the most classic loan and is usually granted for no more than 50% of the property. An expert will come to evaluate the villa and then you can proceed to request the intervention of the bank.
One way or another, you will become the owners of a beautiful villa with a garden.