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Outdoor furniture

In any case, the external environment reflects the personality of anyone who lives there and almost always becomes the direct continuation of the atmosphere that also exists inside the house. Playing with styles, colors and shapes gives life to a setting full of charm and makes a special area of ​​the house usable, especially at certain times of the year, proposing a new space that can be used as a play area, like a a place of retreat to find the right balance between ourselves and the environment that surrounds us and as a place to host friends and enjoy evenings in joy. The type of furniture for gardens and terraces is essentially the same, even if, due to the characteristics of the locations, there are some particularities that differentiate them. A terrace, especially if adequately covered, can also be used in case of rain, while a garden, due to the specificity of the land, could become impractical. However, outdoor furniture, which can be used in both cases, must have specific characteristics, which guarantee the quality of the production materials and their durability over time. A fundamental factor, given that atmospheric agents can cause colors to fade, paint to crack, weaken fabric textures and irreparably ruin materials that are not really suitable for being exposed externally. A well-equipped space, whether furnished in classic, country, ethnic or modern style, enhances the environment in which we live and offers us a freedom of movement that we could hardly have at home.


Certainly the ethnic style is currently the most fashionable. A chromatic base, which recalls the colors of the earth, will be the ideal frame for furnishings composed with natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and wood. It would be good to choose the colors red or orange for cushions and carpets, ocher and bronze for curtains and sheets, dark brown or black for the wooden components. They discreetly and elegantly furnish the low tea tables, in typical oriental style and support candles and essential oil diffusers. Furthermore, having many colored cushions, which make the environment softer and more comfortable, increases the overall effect. The rustic or country style provides more vivid colors for the fabrics, preferring checkered and floral patterns. The bright textile shades will be combined with light furniture in natural wood, or repainted in white and combined with structures and components in wrought iron. Wicker, wicker and light fabrics, possibly as neutral as ecru and white, characterize the classic style, which adapts to any type of setting. In this case, what will enhance the furnishing will be that particular, refined and refined, to be placed in strategic points, such as candle holders in worked glass, tone-on-tone embroidered tablecloths and themed lamps. The modern style provides a profusion of metal furnishings, whether shiny, satin or opaque, the important thing is that they are combined with materials such as glass and wood. The essential and minimal lines, reminiscent of geometric shapes, tend to mentally reorganize the spaces and to give a sense of order in everyday life.


As we have already seen, the materials that can be used for the realization of the external furnishings are many, however they have in common the characteristic of having been treated so as to be able to withstand the weather and wear. Whether it is the wrought iron table, rather than the wicker chaise lounge, both are the result of an advanced study and technological research, which involved paints, fabrics, manufacturing techniques and other materials suitable for the purpose. Surely the installation locations influence the choice of the furnishings, inside a sheltered terrace or under a gazebo it will be possible to enter more demanding elements, while, by the pool, rather than in a garden, the choice will fall on more resistant products, from the proven ability to last over time. Today's innovative solutions have produced highly qualitative items, which require minimal maintenance and satisfy any need that may arise when trying to optimize spaces, without sacrificing design. For the more adventurous, there are commercially available furnishings made of colored teak, which stand out in the environmental context while maintaining the right harmony with it. The color is easily retouched and, if it is no longer compatible with the surrounding furniture, it can be sanded, bringing back to light the warm honey color of the original teak. If you really prefer to use plastic, very practical and easier to maintain, mix it with very colorful furnishings and various flower arrangements. In this regard, there are commercially available plastic materials that perfectly reproduce the effect of wood, both on an aesthetic and tactile level. However, it is good to remember that the external setting is not made only of furniture, but can offer useful spaces for organizing and storing that equipment and those objects that, otherwise, we would not know where to put. In this regard, the market offers various prefabricated and multifunctional solutions, which can also be purchased in convenient assembly kits, which can be easily reassembled at home. The structures, practical and aesthetically pleasing, are offered in plastic, in treated wood and in metal repainted with special colors.

Useful tips

Before tackling a design that involves furnishing an outdoor environment, the ideal would be to have clear ideas about the use we would like to make of this space. Buying furniture at random or combining different styles, which do not blend together, will not lead to the desired effect, giving an untidy and inadequate image of an environment that could instead be placed in greater prominence. A fair evaluation will save us time and will make it easier to find the material needed to carry out the project, considering the fact that, during the winter months, we will most likely also need a place to store everything that could be ruined. Details such as old irons that can be used as planters, hanging rice paper lanterns, to give a more exotic touch to the environment, or shelves and cabinets in vintage style, can enrich the relaxation area, giving it that characteristic personal touch that will enhance its value. the terrace or the garden. Plants and flowers can complete, with splashes of color, any style you want to adopt and an artfully designed lighting, can create effects and plays of light suitable to highlight a certain element of our furniture or a neat and furnished corner particular. That said, the variety that the market offers today, with regard to outdoor furniture, offers a wide choice of models, colors and lines, able to integrate perfectly into a harmonious context, recreating those elegant, romantic or modern spaces that make the quality of our life better. Every company specializing in outdoor furniture is able to provide all the necessary instructions for proper maintenance and there are products on the market that are suitable for cleaning and taking care of our furniture, so that it remains unchanged over time.