Regenerate the lawn

Regenerate the lawn

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Turf regeneration

A good and constant maintenance of the turf allows us to keep healthy even the most difficult "lawn"; remember that many turf mixtures require constant shearing, watering and fertilizing for balanced and compact development. Even when the treatments are assiduous it can happen that a rug appears damaged, with bare spots, yellowed spots or places where the plants have thinned; this can happen due to fungal diseases, but also simply because of the winter frost or the excess of sun or drought during the summer, as well as due to the passage of people or animals.
Before deciding to completely redo a turf it is good to evaluate the idea of regenerate the lawn already existing, going to rearrange and fill the yellowed or bare areas; this type of operation is generally carried out a couple of times a year also as a prevention: to ensure that our beautiful lawn does not degrade over time.

To carry out the regeneration of the lawn we usually choose months with mild temperatures, free from frost and with good rainfall; this to prevent frost or the scorching sun from ruining the young plants. Precipitation then helps us to avoid an excessive waste of water in watering; for regenerate the lawn therefore the months of February-March or September-October are preferred; in regions with very mild winters this can also be done in December or January.At this point we will get a decidedly not very compact lawn, where we will be able to distinguish each small sod made up of small grass plants. We will also be able to see how thin our lawn is, and how much space there is between one sod and the next: if we notice a very high thinning, let us remember next year to provide for the aeration of the lawn more frequently.If our turf is very exposed to trampling, the aeration will also involve a deeper operation, capable of breaking the crust that forms on the ground when it is very compacted by the repeated passage of people or animals; to carry out this operation there are machines that while they are lifting the felt they go to cleave the ground, sinking in it for some centimeters, others even that they remove small portions of ground, practicing some holes a few centimeters wide.For the very small plots on the market there are also shoes with spikes, walking along the lawn we will practice with them multiple holes, so as to allow water and nutrients to be absorbed by the soil.Without this we can re-seed the lawn, using a seed similar to that used for the rest of the lawn; there are many mixtures on the market: we remind you that it is advisable to choose a suitable mixture for our plot; or we choose a mixture for lawns in the shade, in the sun, exposed to drought or high humidity, depending on the characteristics of our garden.The sowing will take place with a quantity of seed that is not excessive, placing more seeds in the places where in the meadow it is more sparse or bare.Sand and soil

after having planted the seed we provide to cover it and to fertilize it; in this phase we can try to correct the structural characteristics of the soil in which the turf is placed, then we will add sand where the soil is very compact, or manure where the soil is very poor in nutrients.
Usually the seeds are covered with only 1-1.5 cm of soil, but it is good that it is a good light and rich soil, mixed with little sand and a good slow release granular fertilizer, which will provide nourishment for the young seedlings and for the new shoots of the lawn already present.
We can find on the market already prepared turf soil, generally enriched with anti-moss and balanced greening fertilizers, as well as sand and peat. We distribute this soil on the lawn with the help of a rake; do not worry if the lawn is so streaked with dark, it will be perfectly green within a few days.
A rapid rolling will allow the soil to adhere better to the seed and to the seed itself to deposit on the ground.
After this we proceed to a good watering, which we will repeat daily in the following days, remembering not to let the soil dry too much until the seeds are completely germinated.
This operation will be very reduced if the spring and autumn climate help us: in fact, in general, spring and autumn are very rainy seasons, so natural rainfall should provide the water needed for the seeds to sprout; if, on the other hand, we were in particularly dry seasons we would have to provide for ourselves, remembering to finely vaporize the waterings, avoiding runoff.

Regenerate the lawn: Cutting the grass

When the seeds of our lawn are germinated it will be important to cut the grass with a timing that allows good homogeneous growth over the entire surface of the lawn. Leave the right time to grow on the grass will allow a good development of the root system, after which we will have to intervene with the first cut of the lawn.
The first cut of the lawn will be more delayed than the following and will have to take place when the grass has reached 10-15 cm in height.
Once the first cut has been made, subsequent cuts must be started on a regular basis. The best cutting frequency should be a cut every 3-4 days. Frequent grass cutting in fact favors the development of grassy grasses, that is to say the best species for lawns, to the detriment of species considered infesting for lawns such as dandelion, clover and other broad-leaved plants.
A purchase that can really make the difference between any lawn and a truly exceptional lawn is undoubtedly that of the lawnmower robot. Thanks to the frequent cut, to the correct height and to the release on the ground of fragments of cut grass, the robot contributes exponentially to improve the quality of your turf. If the cost of this equipment often makes people meditate for a long time, the convenience of not having to think about cutting grass in addition to its disposal together with the exceptional quality of the turf make it an essential purchase for all true garden lovers .