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Blood plant

Blood plant

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Question: blood plant

hi, I have had this plant for a year but the upper branches are burning, I tried to cut them but they grow back and they dry up! despite making a lot of leaves! Thanks in advance

Answer: blood plant

Dear Lina,
citrus fruits are often subject to a fungal disease, commonly called mal-dry; this disease usually develops during the winter period, especially in places hit by cold winds, but the main events are then noticed the following spring. This disease is caused by a fungus, which penetrates under the bark and then into the wood, passing through wounds caused by pruning, or even through splits caused by bad weather. Microscopic fungi also produce very many spores, which are easily transported from tree to tree. Typically, this type of fungus affects trees starting from the apex of the branches. To be able to treat the plant, you must remove all the ruined branches, cutting a few centimeters below the dry part, and checking that the wood on the plant side is completely healthy inside, therefore without zoning or spots. The colonies of these fungi often cause rosy colors in the wood. After each cut, thoroughly clean the shears and tools you use, to avoid bringing the fungus from branch to branch. Cover all the cutting surfaces with pruning mastic, which contains a fungicide, and then burn all the branches you have obtained from the cut, possibly in an area far from your plants, and get the obtained ash away. Once this has been done, to prevent further attacks, practice at least a mixture of Bordeaux mixture during the autumn months and at the end of winter.