Evergreen balcony plants

Evergreen balcony plants

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Question: evergreen balcony plants

Good morning,
I would like to have information on the type of plants that can be placed on the balcony. The balcony in question is quite large and is equipped with a window sill (about 30cm deep and about 20cm high). It is a very bright balcony, the sun beats strongly from morning to night, very airy. I would like to have a flowered balcony all year round, but I would still be very satisfied even if they were only green plants (all year).
Thank you for your kindness

Answer: balcony evergreen plants

Dear Marianna,
your pots are not very large, they are basically large trays for annual plants, so it is not easy to recommend something that can last over time, also because shrubbery plants tend to develop over the months, and keeping them with very little land would become for you a decidedly onerous commitment, always risking that they die because of cold or drought. I advise you instead to plant a few (few) shrubs of very small dimensions, possibly chosen in the dwarf varieties, which therefore tend to remain happy and luxuriant even if cultivated in little land. In the nursery you can find a wide selection of plants of the genus Hebe, they have small evergreen leaves, and there are many species and varieties, even with gray or variegated leaves; next to the hebe try to see if you find dwarf varieties of pyracantha or cotoneaster: the dwarf varieties of pyracantha have all names that recall the tribes of the American Indians (apache type for instance), the cotoneaster is very often found in the varieties prostrate, like cotoneaster pendulus, or cotoneaster horizontalis. Once positioned these shrubs, which tolerate the sun well and also the drought, you can place in the remaining spaces of the plants resistant to heat, sun, drought. I recommend the sedum, there are many, some of which lose the aerial part in winter, others instead evergreens, with foliage of various colors and of various sizes. Even the sempervivum are very suitable, they have few requirements and they tolerate frost very well. To have some prettier flowers, try hypericum, there are dwarf or prostrate varieties, with an abundant flowering of large yellow flowers; also lewisia is excellent, large fleshy leaves forming a rosette, and beautiful spring flowers. The vinca is also very suitable, creeping, evergreen, has vila flowers, very beautiful. Here and there, a few spring-flowering perennials, of your choice, complete your low-maintenance roof garden, which will tolerate summer heat and winter cold well.