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Tomato variety "Demidov": description and characteristics of mid-season tomatoes

Tomato variety "Demidov" is a very popular variety, since its cultivation does not require much effort, and even the most sophisticated gourmets will be able to appreciate the taste of the fruit. In this article, you will tell you everything we know about Demidov tomatoes. Here you will find a description of the variety and photos of tomatoes. And you will also learn a lot of useful things about the characteristics, features of growing and care.
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Bitter grass

Question: bitter grass From my country in Calabria I brought a plant of "bitter grass" which until a few decades ago was macerated in wine to cure loss of appetite and weight loss. Where I send you a leaf to know what species it belongs to and the principle or principles active? thanks Bitter to herbs - Set gift of seeds with 6 tonic herbs for the preparation of excellent liquors Price
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Camellias and oleanders

Question: hello camellias and oleanders, in these periods of exceptional snowfall I had a doubt about the plants submerged by the snow, I have camellias and oleanders full of snow where it is impossible for me to remove them because they are in the ground and are full of snow, my question: are these plants in danger of dying or will the leaves just fall and be reborn?
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Christmas compositions

Christmas compositions Christmas compositions are beautiful and impressive, decorating the house in the most beautiful period of the year. Simple or sophisticated, they are a great gift idea to make a good impression. Blentude - Inflatable Christmas Bow, with Santa Claus and Snowman with LED lights, Christmas Garden Decoration, compositions Props of 2.4 m, pleasant and justifiable Price
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Fruit and Vegetables

Prune the avocado

Question: prune avocado good morning, I have grown a beautiful avocado plant born from a seed, a plant that is now about two and a half years old and is a single stem more than 2 meters tall with much foliage and a trunk - in continuous growth - 1 cm in diameter. poor: I would therefore like to know if I have to let it sprout as it is now, or to reinforce the stem, this should be pruned.
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